Sunday, May 14, 2017

State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor of Seattle

PIMO Jessyn Farrell might be the one.
She will have to provide a reason for me no not endorse/support/vote for her (which is entirely possible), or somebody even better would have to declare their candidacy by 5/19/2017.

"Every candidate is going to talk about being progressive," Farrell said. "I'm the progressive candidate who actually has a track record."

State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor - Slog - The Stranger
I may have spoke too soon. Signing on to oppose the SODO arena project is a disadvantage that can't be overcome.

Cary Moon will run for Mayor of Seattle without me

When your claim to fame is advocating for a state highway alternative to what the state was offering, an opinion that is not a primary option in a practical sense in Olympia, I just have to so "no".

At least Mike McGinn has something more to run on than that dumpster fire.

…Cary was the Co-Founder and Director of the People's Waterfront Coalition, which led the advocacy effort for a highway-free waterfront, and transit-based urban transportation solution, to replace the Seattle Viaduct.

No, thank you.

Jenny Durkan is running for Mayor of Seattle, next!

Jenny Durkan will not my support. I simply do not trust Sally Bagshaw, and Christine Gregoire, and Tom Rasmussen, by their endorsement, Durkan.

There are 15 people running for mayor, as of now, one of the other 14 will be a choice for me.

From The Stranger:

Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw, an ally of Mayor Ed Murray (most of the time), stood alongside former Council Member Tom Rasmussen, King County Council Member Joe McDermott, and former King County Executive Ron Sims to endorse Durkan today. In an interview, Bagshaw said she believes Durkan will be able to bring together people "of diverse opinions." Durkan has no direct experience on housing or homelessness. When I asked Bagshaw, who chairs the council's human services committee, what gives her faith that Durkan can address those issues, Bagshaw said simply, "She'll work with me."

Former Governor Chris Gregoire, whom Durkan legally represented during her political career, said Durkan will "take on the toughest issues."

"This city has amazing values, amazing potential, but we're in troubling times," Gregoire told The Stranger. "We need an experienced leader who will stand up to all that's coming out of Washington, D.C. She's done it."

Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign - Slog - The Stranger

She will continue the liberal flavored policies of economic inequity.