Sunday, August 6, 2017

KING5: KeyArena, landmark status fallout

Here's twist to the latestest effort to remodel KeyArena.
But Lois Maag, a spokesperson for the Department of Neighborhoods, shed some light on how the process would work moving forward.
"The project team (in this case OVG) would pursue proposed alterations through the Certificate of Approval process," she wrote via email, in regards to whether Oak View Group would have to preserve the garage. "The applicant can apply for a Certificate of Approval to alter or demolish the building, following the procedures in the Landmarks Ordinance. Before pursuing that option, the staff would urge them to explore alternatives to demolition and discuss them with the Landmarks Board."
What's next for proposed KeyArena renovation after landmark designation? via @KING5Seattle

A process OVG did not anticipate. KeyArena has already been gutted and the floor lowered. The garage is an interesting problem. Can they find another path into the arena? That's a big ask. Relocating the garage and/of its contents to another location would be a challenge.
Ok, good luck.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Seattle Preservation Board designates KeyArena, Bressi Garage, as Landmarks

KING5's Chris Daniels reports on the potential benefits and complications the landmark designation means.
KeyArena was a forgone conclusion years ago, but the garage was in question.
What was going to be modern use with OVG controlling the property, (are they paying for that?), has taken a turn to 1923.

It's most likely the city will gloss over this by claiming they will figure it out after committing to the project, like they have with everything else (public cost, transportation, revenue splits, did I mention transportation?).

Chris Daniels:

The original Oak View Group proposal has called for tearing down the Bressi Garage, which was built in 1923, for use as a staging area and potential future office space, as well as an entry point for a subterranean tunnel to a loading dock on the south end of the new facility.  The City's Economic Development office offered it up in the original request for proposals for renovation of KeyArena.

However, the 11-member Preservation Board felt, after a tour Monday, that the building has an important place in Seattle history.  It voted to preserve the walls of the brick building, interior trusses, and deck.  Board members argued that it deserved designation because it "it is associated in a significant way with a significant aspect of the cultural, political or economic heritage of the community, city, state, or nation" and "it embodies the distinctive visible characteristics of an architectural style, or period, or a method of construction."

Historic Preservation does not necessarily rule out renovation, but the designation triggers a "controls and incentives" phase of development.  Erin Doherty, who is the coordinator the Landmarks Board, said after the meeting that the Bressi ruling triggers a wide variety of possibilities, but the design and how the building is treated within it, will be a factor.  The designation could also trigger a negotiation or settlement with Pottery Northwest or potentially a new plan for the tunnel and staging area.  It may also make the city eligible for further historic tax credits.  On Monday, OVG Chair Tim Leiweke, Director of Special Project Lance Lopes, and potential NHL investor David Bonderman were all seen at City Hall meeting with council members.

Seattle Preservation Board landmarks KeyArena, Bressi Garage

Monday, July 31, 2017's David Aldridge column on Seattle's NBA options

I've thought this for a few years, before Chris Hansen appeared, that relocation of an existing team was the most likely path to the NBA returning to the Seattle market.
Is it better for the owners to split off a portion of ongoing revenues for one time cash? Sure, but split 30 ways it dilutes quickly, and does nothing for the overall health of the league.
Or, is it better that a franchise that cannot keep up with inflating value and costs of an NBA team be allowed to turn a profit from sale, and relocate that team to a viable market.

I think some owner will not be denied a half billion dollar profit that may only be possible if the team relocates to Seattle.

This is a business.
"I believe Seattle should have the first shot," one owner said, on condition of anonymity. "I think a move is more likely than expansion, but right now, neither looks likely."
A second owner said Seattle " is a great market, especially for the NBA," but echoed Silver's sentiments.
"I agree with you there are some markets that would be great addition to the NBA but in terms of expansion, I think we need 30 solid teams first," the second owner said. "If there are teams that are repeatedly losing money every year even after revenue sharing, we must consider moving existing teams to those markets first. Then, once all teams are healthy and making a profit, we can perhaps discuss expansion -- but not until then."
Seattle still has solid shot at NBA return, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon -

Watch those franchise values.
[edited below, text below added 8/4/2017]
I've read most little bits of information that might be, could be, may be, something for way too long, but this is unusually thorough, posted on, and anonimous source owners. That's a bit different.
They lay out their path to making a decision for Seattle or not, and in what order.
The question is, how long do those two paths take?
But I take it that they are on that path now, or why bother talking? Maybe we get a relocated team, or an expansion team, or nothing, in that order.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Adam Silver inevitable NBA expands, Returning to Seattle on the list ofcities

Here is about a minute of the video.
Silvers says it's inevitable that the league returns to look at it, that Seattle is way up on the list of cities, and he doesn't believe in skill 
"We haven't made any commitments to Seattle," said Bettman. "In fact, I've been telling everyone in the process that they should build their building with an understanding that there may not be an NHL team there.
"We're not making any commitments to expand. We're not planning on moving anybody. And to the extent people are winking and nodding that they're getting a team, they're really getting ahead of themselves."
For some reason I feel like Silver's last comment was more encouraging than Garry Betman's last comment on the arena solution in Seattle.

Silver seems to indicate he's more ready now but is looking at timing.

"I think it's just a question of when the right time is to seriously start thinking about expansion."

I precursor to this position might best be heard here, from November 2016. Silver listed out some step to get to the point of exploring expansion.
It's the hacks that pay attention on media day for another sport. Those folks will wander off to football, and that can't happen soon enough.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rockets Sale Could Be Cautionary tail for KeyArena

It's a cautionary tail about somebody that had exclusive control of an arena and how they kept a sports franchise from being considered as a destination.

Mike Baker
Arena ownership isn't a charity, or public works project.
Do I think Tim Leweike would put his interests ahead of the NBA returning?
Welcome to capitalism.
The City of Seattle MUST insist on a mechanism, financial or otherwise, that they control to best ensure the outcome of the NBAreturning to Seattle.
I want him bound to that obligation even if he doesn't have a NBA partner right now.
Assurances are never going to be enough to satisfy this requirement for me.
He bought the team in 1993 for $85 million. Twenty-four years later, the Rockets are worth $1.65 billion. That’s remarkable.
For the NHL, though, his stepping back from the sports world could be the catalyst that makes it possible for hockey to return to the fourth-largest U.S. city.

Also, the Rockets are worth $1.65b because of the artificial exclusivity. Why would the KeyArena hockey partners want to split revenues with the NBA when they, like the Rockets, could create that artificial exclusivity, driving up their revenues and franchise value, a franchise they made Lewekei a partner so his priorities were aligned with their$. That just says the Sonics would not be welcomed back.
This isn't a day one problem. This grows over time as they look for increased profits.
Again, welcome to capitalism, and worse, a monopoly of public property by a private corporation in direct conflict with the desires of the community that is supposed to benefit from their shared asset, certainly as much as anybody in the OVG corporation feels entitled to increased profits.

It is, in fact, the council's responsibility to act in the public's interest, don't say you want the Sonics back and then do as little as possible to ensure that in the KeyArena MOU.

They have no interest in the NBA as OVG is structured.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The KeyArena shit show: Sonics Rising version

This isn't any more surprising than me stepping away from it, is it?

Anyway, their readers are asking questions and Sonics Rising is having to defend something they are denying exists, cognitive dissonance.

There's this list. Then there was a defensive posture.
Members of the Arena Community Advisory Group include:
  • Monty Anderson – Executive Secretary, Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council
  • John Barr – NHL to Seattle 
  • Robert Cardona – Uptown Alliance 
  • Andrea Caupain – Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone 
  • Brian Curry – 10 Mercer Restaurant and Seattle Center Advisory Commission member
  • Deborah Frausto – Uptown Alliance 
  • Ollie Garrett – President, Tabor 100 
  • Nicole Grant – Executive Secretary, Martin Luther King County Labor Council 
  • Mike McQuaid – South Lake Union Community Council 
  • Brian Robinson – Founder, Sonics Rising 
  • Sarah Wilke – Executive Director, Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) 
  • Jane Zalutsky – Executive Director, Seattle Center Foundation

My overall feeling is that they really do believe what they are saying, I believe them, but it's pretty obvious that they are being used to legitimize Ed Murray cramming KeyArena down everybody's throats before he leaves office. He doesn't have a political future and is absolutely burning these very good people at Sonics Rising.
So, I showed myself out.
Maybe I'm wrong, but Ed Murray has been clear in his arena preference, and how he governs.
That's exactly how I felt when I was invited to a couple off the record meetings with Brian Surratt a few months ago.
IMO, Here is the Ed Murray's fucking of the fans. It is in full bloom.

City Councilmembers will not accept a KeyArena MOU without a transportation plan

There isn't a majority without an actual transportation plan. The city will have had more than a year to understand the traffic issues and probably should now be negotiating mitigation positions with that information. A plan for a transportation plan isn't enough for at least two councilmembers, and it didn't sound like they were alone in that thought.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

From The Stranger, Guest Editorial: Michael Maddox says "Mayor Murray, You Should Resign"

It is remarkable, the silence, except from those that are outspoken. When news comes out about Ed Murray nobody touches it unless it's to demand change. It's a question of power.
The silence, Ed, says you don't have support, but you do have opposition to you making you happy at all costs.

Here is part of an guest editorial from Michael Maddox. 
I encourage you to read the entire request that Murray resign as Mayor of Seattle.

Step down.
The minute your legacy became more important than the well-being of children in abusive homes, you should have questioned your motives. At least, that's what I believe. Personally, I question myself all the time, and if I'm going in a direction of what's best for me winning out over what's best for the community, I try to roll back a bit and re-center myself. My experience in life—not the best childhood, not the best adolescence—is what shaped my personal desire to do good things—but those must be for the community, and designed to ensure more kids have better lives than I did. 
The sadness that I have from your actions, from seeing someone that I looked up to (with some similarities in political paths) is real. But the anger is also real. Your combative approach, and continued damage that your actions are doing to me as a survivor, and to others in our community, is abhorrent. They are disappointing. 
I know that you have stated that you will not resign. That you are adamant on finishing your term. So much "I" in your statements. But I'm not sure it's worth it. I'm not convinced that the reminder that men "get away with it," particularly men in power, is worth it. The staff of our city are amazing. We have outstanding department heads. Our city will be fine with someone else at the helm for the remainder of the year. In fact, it may be better—losing the cloud hanging over City Hall. 
I don't expect that you will listen - or even read to this point - but I agree with Council Member Lorena González. It's time to resign. To leave what dignity with the office is left, and take what legacy you can still claim, without doing further damage to the city, or to your legacy. It is time. 
All of my Best,
Michael Maddux is a litigation paralegal, and was a Seattle City Council candidate in 2015. He managed the 2016 Seattle Housing Levy campaign, and has served on the Parks Levy Oversight and Parks Legacy committees. He writes regularly at his blog,

Have a great day,
Mike Baker
Seattle, Wa

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Tweet by Mike Baker ✌️Seattle mayoral debate.

Mike Baker ✌️ (@TweetMrBaker)
Too many sidesteps for Durkan.
Hasagawa performed well, not sure how he stands out.
McGinn - experience
Moon is over her head. #SEAMayor

Mike Baker ✌️ (@TweetMrBaker)
Farrell was very responsive, had answers about approach.
Oliver really did a good job discussing different aspects of a subject. 


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Interpol - Not Even Jail - Live at Eurockeennes Festival, Belfort, Franc...

I pretend like no one elseTo try to control myselfI'm subtle like a lion's cageSuch a cautious displayRemember take hold of your time hereGive some meanings to the meansTo your endNot even jail

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ed Murray is campaigning, Today's Endorsement that wasn't

Here is what is burning Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. He hates Mike McGinn so much that he had a press conference about it. Jenny Durkan was there as the future version of Ed Murray.

A reported poll last week showedMurray's predecessor Mike McGinn with a slight lead even though Durkan had already assumed Murray's policies.

Poll makes clear: Seattle mayor's race is tight | KUOW News and Information

SeattleWeekly pretty much called it right.
It seemed at times that Murray's endorsement was more about blocking McGinn's path to victory than opening up Durkan's. Asked whether he had considered endorsing Jessyn Farrell, Murray said he respected Farrell but that "in my conversation with Jenny, she has the best chance of winning, and I really don't want this city to go back to the divisiveness that I inherited." In other words, Durkan had the best chance at wiping the floor with McGinn on the ballot.
Asked whether that meant the endorsement was more anti-McGinn than pro-Durkan, Murray shot back: "No, it's pro-Jenny Durkan," before launching into a renewed broadside against McGinn's tenure as mayor (again, without naming the candidate).

In Endorsing Durkan, Murray Trashes McGinn

Now that Murray has gone KeyArena or bust (which I've heard was stupid), I expect Durkan to do the same, even though neither knows yet how much tax money they plan to give to the Oak View Group.

Ed Murray is part of the "or bust" arena supporters, though I don't expect anyone else to point it out, at least not like this, because…:

Bust is not an option

Ed Murray not running for re-election for Mayor of Seattle

Ed Murray is not running for re-election.
He was the last person to recognize how bad it would suck for him to lose to Mike McGinn.
Running as a write-in candidate is difficult, but it's even harder to lose to somebody you hate.
I don't care for how Ed was forced out of the race. Regardless, I wasn't going to vote for him.

KNKX Public Radio (@knkxfm)
Mayor Ed Murray has announced he won't run a write-in campaign for re-election. Murray is endorsing Jenny Durkan for Seattle mayor.

I wish Jenny Durkan the best of luck, whoever she eventually turns out to be as a candidate.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray opposes the SoDo arena

He said something about his predecessor, because that's who Ed is.
Have a great day,
Mike Baker

OVG would not walk away from KeyArena if Hansen gets street vacation

KeyArena developers see 'window of opportunity' for NHL team, but not NBA for a while | The Seattle Times
OVG have sunk costs in presentations and travel, so, there's that holding them to this arena rock money machine.
Leiweke was asked whether his group would pull out of talks if the council in the interim approved a provisional street vacation of Occidental Avenue South that Hansen's group says it needs to be "shovel ready'' and attract more financing and teams.
Leiweke replied that his group would never have pursued the KeyArena renovation if it felt Hansen still had any shot at landing an NBA team. An MOU between Hansen, the city and King County expires Dec. 3 and provides up to $200 million in public bond funding if he acquires an NBA franchise.
KeyArena developers see 'window of opportunity' for NHL team, but not NBA for a while | The Seattle Times

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seattle Councilmember Rob Johnson, "I just don't want to get fleeced."

The council's confidence in the proposal to renovate KeyArena is less than enthusiastic.

Meanwhile, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw expressed her opinion that the city is done with SoDo if Chris Hansen can't produce a NBA team by the end of the MOU, 12/3/2017. There will then be a gap between the end of the SoDo MOU and the KeyArena MOU due sometime in 2018. If Sally's plan fails then Seattle sports fans have nothing.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Generation Gomez Addams

The generation after the *millennials will emulate Gomez Addams.
This I predict!

Gomez Addams - Wikipedia

"Husband to Morticia (if indeed they are married at all) ... a crafty schemer, but also a jolly man in his own way ... though sometimes misguided ... sentimental and often puckish — optimistic, he is in full enthusiasm for his dreadful plots ... is sometimes seen in a rather formal dressing gown ... the only one who smokes."

*Future generations will mistake "millennials" is a kind of walrus.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

I'll show myself out, Sonics Rising

I've stepped away from Sonics Rising, and I thank them for giving me space to write.
I'm not having fun.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's not just loyalty, it's reality

I agree with Aaron Levine of Q13 Fox News, there is a missing element of trust (my word) with OVG's Tim Leweike. A contributing factor Levine doesn't mention is the history of plans to renovate KeyArena have failed so badly that the Sonics and now in Oklahoma City. His open disdain for the NBA returning to Seattle bleeds out into disrespect for the fans that, frankly, made this situation possible for Chris Hansen and Tim Leweike.
Hansen acknowledges it, Leweike is just kind of an asshole about it.

Two steps for Leweike:
Step 1. Don't be an asshole if you want $90+ million of my tax dollars.
Step 2. Grasp the idea that David Stern scorched the earth on the NBA's leave of Seattle. It sure as heck wasn't the leagues that laid the groundwork for you and Hansen. Lots of people that never wanted to Sonics to leave are helping to make your big payday possible. Do you think Hansen showed up and had to grow support? Really?

Again, Leiweke’s plan might be the best one, and his intentions might be pure. But if that’s the case, it’s up to him to prove it down the line. And until he does, because of our city’s past, there will always be doubt, there will always be uncertainty. And there will always be questions about whether he’s the next out-of-town salesman who doesn’t have our best interests in mind.Commentary: Given Seattle's sports history, the value of loyalty and humility cannot be overlooked in arena debate | Q13 FOX News

Jerry Bruckheimer and David Bonderman aren't feral cats

If you want exclusive right to a city park in the hottest economy in America… show up. 
But that's not their goal, there goal is anywhere.
This might be shocking, but, the head shots of Jerry Bruckheimer and David Bonderman have appeared in another market they were so exited to be a part of, Las Vegas. If in Las Vegas or Seattle, then anywhere else isn't a very strong selling point. 
They volunteered to make money in Seattle, and that's the depth of their connection and commitment.
After failing to bring the NHL to Las Vegas in 2007, Jerry Bruckheimer and David Bonderman are teaming again with Tim Leiweke to own a hockey team. It's in Seattle this time.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

Why are we doing this?

So, is that the existential question, Chris Hansen has somebody that's interested in owning an NBA team (him), Oak View Group (OVG) doesn't have a perspective NBA owner so OVG are splitting NBA fans off, banking in the NHL fans and a desperate city council?
Tim Leiweke has been doing this since he got here.

During Civic Cocktail Chris Hansen answered the arena priority question among fans, basketball then hockey then everything else, but are those priorities represented in the council?

None of this looks to be on purpose (though it is)  as much as just teams playing to their strengths.
It's a hell of a competition. 

I think Larry Stone shows a side of this with an interview with OVG's Tim Leweike. Leweike can't both be a seasoned professional and somehow "chuckle" about the NBA (Why the Hell do you think you are here?), as calculating as Chris Hansen stepping all over Leweike's big day.

Many Seattle sports fans are holding back their enthusiasm despite the impressive prospect of a sparkling KeyArena upgrade. They simply haven’t been convinced that the Oak View Group’s Tim Leiweke is as committed as Chris Hansen to getting the NBA back to Seattle.
Why many Seattle NBA fans prefer Sodo arena project over KeyArena rebuildLarry Stone / Columnist
Larry Stone is right.

This is what Tim Leweike does for a living. Sometimes he's successful at it. Sometimes he is not.

[edited for clarity, I don't think Tim Leweike give a shit about basketball, he wants 100 nights of arena rock.]

Thursday, June 8, 2017

KING5: KeyArena proposal to get two studies, transportation and economic, per Council President Harrell

KING5 News reports that the proposal by Oak View Group will lead the council to higher two independent consultants, one for transportation and one for finance.
Council legislation will be coming soon.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memo: Sunday, May 29, 2017, taking advantage of a 3 day weekend at the Seattle Times

Yesterday, the day Geoff Baker discovered a horribly inaccurate estimate he accused the council of "hiding" ( Sorry he can't say sorry, zealots were involved.

Prize winning Journalist Geoff Baker reports that the $285 million cost estimate from the AECOM's 2015 report, "Identification and Evaluation of Options for the Future of KeyArena", was crap [summarizing] (

Here's the punchline to today's episode.

AEG, current operator of KeyArena, has a strategic partnership with [spoiler alert] AECOM.

Who? Hmmm, you might recall their name showing up in the Seattle Times editorials and the professional journalistic stylings of Geoff Baker, here (

On design elements, the SP group proposes "stretching" the roof over KeyArena's south end and filling in the additional space with more seating. While innovative, the design has raised questions about whether altering the roof would pass muster with historical preservationists.

In "stretching" the roof, the SP group's center-court scoreboard also could not hang down from KeyArena's mid-ceiling peak. The notion of an off-center scoreboard has raised questions about interior aesthetics the SP group has been asked by the city to address.

SP initially had Rossetti Architects design a renovation AEG president Bob Newman said in January would be "probably a fraction of the cost of what a new project would cost" and within range of the $285 million projection from the city's 2015 AECOM report.

But soon after, Leiweke began hinting to reporters and others that OVG envisioned a half-billion-dollar proposal. Around that time, SP brought in the Gensler architectural firm and within weeks revised its plan into the bigger $521 million "stretched" roof design.

Whether the city thinks that revised pitch was too hastily planned remains to be seen. We'll know when a winner gets picked.

That's Geoff Baker and the Seattle Times shifting the source of communication of the horrifically inaccurate remodel $285 million cost estimate off their names and onto Bob Newman and AECOM. A three-day holiday weekend is as good a time as any for this.

AECOM quietly shows up in the camouflage of names, AEG, Seattle Partners, AECOM as a cost estimator. Can we really trust any of the cost estimates in the 2015 AECOM report or the Seattle Partners KeyArena remodel estimates? 

I recognize estimates are by definition wrong, but a 98% error one way and KeyArena estimates shifts from $285 million to $521 million. Is Scenario C in the report $143 million or is it $285 million or is it wrong the other way, $75 million, which is much closer to the $20 million cost mentioned in the 2006 report?

Seattle City Council should issue a Request For Proposals in reference to the 2015 AECOM report, Identification and Evaluation of Options for the Future of KeyArena, Scenario C, in particular, costs and public/private cost estimates.


Sunday, May 29, 2017 the 30th story written by Geoff Baker that mentions the AECOM report since way back on October 25th, 2015. Not counting the last one where he finally explicitly rejects the $285 million dollar number and throws Bob Newman under the bus, he wrote 29 stories. He wrote (19 months) / 29 (stories) = 1 story every 2.8487692 weeks (or every 19.9413844 days). It just looks like Geoff Baker made a living writing AECOM in arena stories. I'm sure he did other things at the Seattle Times, too.

Here is the link to the Seattle Times search for AECOM by author Geoff Baker.

Note: No relation.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Yes, KeyArenas Roofline is historic and iconic.

[this was my email, I cc it here]
Landmarks Preservation Board Members,
For the Seattle Center site, I prefer to have the Paul Thiry buildings identified as landmarks, including KeyArena. They express our architectural ideas to the world. Please, recommend preservation and if possible, recommend that remodeling incorporate some of the original architectural design elements.
Developers should at least attempt to keep the inside of that arena from being the arena equivalent of a strip mall by alienating exterior historical design elements.

Going forward, if a new arena is selected for construction in SoDo then part of the one time and/or incremental tax revenue must be used to bring the seating scale of KeyArena brought down to the original Seattle Coliseum size, 13,000, with as much of the original designer's  intent. It would be a unique size to this area.

In the 2015 AECOM report, Identification and Evaluation of Options for the Future of KeyArena, Scenario C (, as a guide for scaling KeyArena down closer to its original size. This size was within the range recommended by Seattle Center Director Robert Nellams's to city council on 9/13/2012 ( , => 28 min, 15 sec) to scale down to a capacity range between 5,000 up to 15,000 for KeyArena in the event that a sports arena were built elsewhere in the region.

Please consider, the city council could choose to remodel KeyArena into a modern version of its modern self, a split 11878 seat / 2905 seat with no competition for the 11878 seat theater, serving everyone that can get there without a car.

Legislation and an active MOU already directs a portion of the $200 million in public financing (2012 clerk file toward mitigating impacts a new arena would have on KeyArena. The SoDo arena proposer is now declining much of that tax revenue. The city should extend a portion of the MOU legislation if they choose to approve vacating a portion of Occidental. Do not lose this potential revenue stream for remodeling KeyArena.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker
Seattle, Wa

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sometimes I'm disappointed that Twitter doesn't know me better.

It is baffling.

Zealots Badmouth KeyArena Remodel Proposals

Noted "KeyArena or Bust" proponents, the Seattle Times Editorial Board, pounced on proposals to remodel KeyArena that were released a month ago. The board marched through a list of shortcomings they see in the two competing proposals. The board is imploring the city to negotiate an agreement with at least one proposer that is not worse financially than exists for KeyArena today.
The list was punctuated by several major issues, here are just three:

Murray initially said arena developers must provide "100 percent" of the project funding. The request for proposals said the facility must be built and operated "with minimal city financial participation."
Yet the developers both call for substantial public funds, including financing and diversion of revenue streams such as ticket taxes and naming rights. AEG proposed $250 million of city financing and Oak View included Port of Seattle financing.
Some public investment is reasonable in such a project.
But Murray and the City Council must clearly explain what current and potential city revenue is being contributed. Independent experts may be needed to analyze the cost and benefits.
Protecting taxpayers
The arena lately generated more than $1 million in yearly profit. A city that pleads poverty, saying it can’t afford parks and libraries without levies, must not easily give up such revenue. The deal should provide at least as much direct revenue, not just theoretical economic benefits.

Rent and other proceeds must escalate with inflation. The city should not lease its premier facility for nearly a century at a fixed rate.
The success of the arena and center depends on visitors from around the region. Transit, bicycling and walking are not options for the majority of them.
AEG and Oak View coddle City Hall fantasies of a nonmotorized utopia, waxing on about bikes, sustainability and ride-sharing. But they also explicitly say that most patrons will continue driving, even after mass transit expands.
Hansen offered around $20 million to address traffic in Sodo. The city should receive at least that much from the arena developer.
Substantial new parking is needed since nearby surface lots are mostly developed.
Both proposals lean on the Monorail to address traffic concerns. Increasing Monorail usage is a nice goal but an unrealistic solution to the large-scale congestion arena events create.
The city has a tremendous opportunity to partner with a reputable operator and lure the NBA and NHL to Seattle.
This must be done right — carefully and realistically — to build lasting support across the city and region, and ensure the venue succeeds for everyone.
Negotiate wisely for best possible KeyArena redo - Seattle Times
But the 2015 AECOM report… they approached us… they hid the report!
There was more to the editorial but I didn't think it was important, besides, I'm not here to make zealots happy.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor of Seattle

PIMO Jessyn Farrell might be the one.
She will have to provide a reason for me no not endorse/support/vote for her (which is entirely possible), or somebody even better would have to declare their candidacy by 5/19/2017.

"Every candidate is going to talk about being progressive," Farrell said. "I'm the progressive candidate who actually has a track record."

State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor - Slog - The Stranger
I may have spoke too soon. Signing on to oppose the SODO arena project is a disadvantage that can't be overcome.

Cary Moon will run for Mayor of Seattle without me

When your claim to fame is advocating for a state highway alternative to what the state was offering, an opinion that is not a primary option in a practical sense in Olympia, I just have to so "no".

At least Mike McGinn has something more to run on than that dumpster fire.

…Cary was the Co-Founder and Director of the People's Waterfront Coalition, which led the advocacy effort for a highway-free waterfront, and transit-based urban transportation solution, to replace the Seattle Viaduct.

No, thank you.

Jenny Durkan is running for Mayor of Seattle, next!

Jenny Durkan will not my support. I simply do not trust Sally Bagshaw, and Christine Gregoire, and Tom Rasmussen, by their endorsement, Durkan.

There are 15 people running for mayor, as of now, one of the other 14 will be a choice for me.

From The Stranger:

Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw, an ally of Mayor Ed Murray (most of the time), stood alongside former Council Member Tom Rasmussen, King County Council Member Joe McDermott, and former King County Executive Ron Sims to endorse Durkan today. In an interview, Bagshaw said she believes Durkan will be able to bring together people "of diverse opinions." Durkan has no direct experience on housing or homelessness. When I asked Bagshaw, who chairs the council's human services committee, what gives her faith that Durkan can address those issues, Bagshaw said simply, "She'll work with me."

Former Governor Chris Gregoire, whom Durkan legally represented during her political career, said Durkan will "take on the toughest issues."

"This city has amazing values, amazing potential, but we're in troubling times," Gregoire told The Stranger. "We need an experienced leader who will stand up to all that's coming out of Washington, D.C. She's done it."

Jenny Durkan Launches Cookie-Cutter Mayoral Campaign - Slog - The Stranger

She will continue the liberal flavored policies of economic inequity.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fwd: Mayor Murray will serve out remainder of term, finish historic work to make Seattle more affordable, equitable and livable

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Subject: Mayor Murray will serve out remainder of term, finish historic work to make Seattle more affordable, equitable and livable








Benton Strong, Communications Director, 206.684.8379,


Mayor Murray will serve out remainder of term, finish historic work to make Seattle more affordable, equitable and livable


SEATTLE (May 9, 2017) – Mayor Ed Murray announced today that he will serve out the remainder of his term, through the end of 2017, and focus on completing the historic work of his administration to make Seattle a more affordable, equitable and livable city. During his term, Mayor Murray has overseen the implementation of the Mandatory Housing Affordability program, requiring developers to fund or build affordable housing for the first time, the nation's first $15 minimum wage in a large city, major expansions in support for parks and preschool, policies focused on gender equity such as paid family leave and wage transparency and an overall effort to ensure that, as it grows, Seattle remains a livable city.


"The mayoral race must be focused on the urgent, important issues facing our city, but those are being overshadowed by the false allegations against me, which have hurt the City, my family and Michael," Mayor Murray said. "As a poor kid from Alki, being mayor of this city has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I am proud to have been part of some remarkable achievements that, for my entire life, people told me would never happen – from the civil rights bill to the ring I wear on my finger – and I plan to continue fighting for equity long after I am mayor. To the people of Seattle, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and this great city for more than two decades."


Elected as Seattle's 53rd mayor, Murray has championed equity during his term in City Hall. Murray kicked off his term by bringing business, workers and advocates together to implement the nation's first $15 minimum wage in a major city, helping ensure people who work in Seattle can afford to live here. He then accomplished the famous "Murray Way" again, working with developers, advocates, environmental groups, and others to develop the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda and convince voters to double the housing levy, building thousands of affordable homes in the City. Where others fought the Justice Department, Mayor Murray put the City on course to historic police accountability reform, hiring Chief Kathleen O'Toole and working with DOJ and the federal court to address critical issues in the Consent Decree. And after the election of President Donald Trump, Mayor Murray made Seattle the center of the resistance, declaring Seattle would remain an inclusive, welcoming, Constitutional City, where all residents would have access to city services and be part of our community.


Throughout his term, Mayor Murray has focused on the most pressing challenge facing Seattle: homelessness. Too many Seattleites call our streets and green spaces, overpasses and doorways home. Mayor Murray worked with national experts to identify reasons the system was not working efficiently or was not fully capable of addressing the growing scope of the crisis, and he acted. Each day, dozens of City staff work out of the Emergency Operations Center to help people living on our streets get the individualized services they need and a customized pathway to housing. This is one step in Mayor Murray's aggressive leadership in addressing the homelessness crises. 


These policies followed his years as a leader in the LGBT community, where he spearheaded the LGBT civil rights bill and marriage equality as a state legislator.


Mayor Murray will serve through the end of 2017, with the goal of completing the many efforts still underway, including the implementation of Pathways Home, the City's plan to address homelessness through individualized services and outreach; getting the City out of the Consent Decree; and funding critical education programs that shrink the opportunity gap between white students and Black and other students of color. Mayor Murray's commitment to equity has been the lifeblood of his administration and more than two decades-long political career.


Watch a video of Mayor Murray's accomplishments here.



Monday, May 8, 2017

The futility is inspiring.

Mike Baker ✌️ (@TweetMrBaker)
@Softykjr Softy, you and @GeoffBakerTIMES are mastering the Seattle Arena Process.

Tweet by Geoff Baker on Twitter

Geoff Baker (@GeoffBakerTIMES)
@brennanseanm No, but when writing opinion column (which this is) not going to ignore facts and write what I think Sodo fans want to hear

No relation.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Will the Seattle Times ask the city council to issue Requests For Proposals to remodel KeyArena for something other than NBA and NHL use?

Mike Baker ✌️ (@TweetMrBaker)
I guess the Seattle Times is interested in discussing what to do with KeyArena if @SeattleCouncil rejects remodel proposals & goes with SoDo…

AECOM report, 2015, dollar estimates based on their concepts do not appear to be accurate. Their $285m remodel is closer to the $550m to $575m range. The minimal amount of public cost is turning into a public works project with limited revenue returned to the public investors.

Maybe the Seattle City Council should issue Requests For Proposals on the other options identified in the AECOM study, most notably, Scenario C