Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's not just loyalty, it's reality

I agree with Aaron Levine of Q13 Fox News, there is a missing element of trust (my word) with OVG's Tim Leweike. A contributing factor Levine doesn't mention is the history of plans to renovate KeyArena have failed so badly that the Sonics and now in Oklahoma City. His open disdain for the NBA returning to Seattle bleeds out into disrespect for the fans that, frankly, made this situation possible for Chris Hansen and Tim Leweike.
Hansen acknowledges it, Leweike is just kind of an asshole about it.

Two steps for Leweike:
Step 1. Don't be an asshole if you want $90+ million of my tax dollars.
Step 2. Grasp the idea that David Stern scorched the earth on the NBA's leave of Seattle. It sure as heck wasn't the leagues that laid the groundwork for you and Hansen. Lots of people that never wanted to Sonics to leave are helping to make your big payday possible. Do you think Hansen showed up and had to grow support? Really?

Again, Leiweke’s plan might be the best one, and his intentions might be pure. But if that’s the case, it’s up to him to prove it down the line. And until he does, because of our city’s past, there will always be doubt, there will always be uncertainty. And there will always be questions about whether he’s the next out-of-town salesman who doesn’t have our best interests in mind.Commentary: Given Seattle's sports history, the value of loyalty and humility cannot be overlooked in arena debate | Q13 FOX News