Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ed Murray is campaigning, Today's Endorsement that wasn't

Here is what is burning Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. He hates Mike McGinn so much that he had a press conference about it. Jenny Durkan was there as the future version of Ed Murray.

A reported poll last week showedMurray's predecessor Mike McGinn with a slight lead even though Durkan had already assumed Murray's policies.

Poll makes clear: Seattle mayor's race is tight | KUOW News and Information

SeattleWeekly pretty much called it right.
It seemed at times that Murray's endorsement was more about blocking McGinn's path to victory than opening up Durkan's. Asked whether he had considered endorsing Jessyn Farrell, Murray said he respected Farrell but that "in my conversation with Jenny, she has the best chance of winning, and I really don't want this city to go back to the divisiveness that I inherited." In other words, Durkan had the best chance at wiping the floor with McGinn on the ballot.
Asked whether that meant the endorsement was more anti-McGinn than pro-Durkan, Murray shot back: "No, it's pro-Jenny Durkan," before launching into a renewed broadside against McGinn's tenure as mayor (again, without naming the candidate).

In Endorsing Durkan, Murray Trashes McGinn

Now that Murray has gone KeyArena or bust (which I've heard was stupid), I expect Durkan to do the same, even though neither knows yet how much tax money they plan to give to the Oak View Group.

Ed Murray is part of the "or bust" arena supporters, though I don't expect anyone else to point it out, at least not like this, because…:

Bust is not an option