Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why are we doing this?

So, is that the existential question, Chris Hansen has somebody that's interested in owning an NBA team (him), Oak View Group (OVG) doesn't have a perspective NBA owner so OVG are splitting NBA fans off, banking in the NHL fans and a desperate city council?
Tim Leiweke has been doing this since he got here.

During Civic Cocktail Chris Hansen answered the arena priority question among fans, basketball then hockey then everything else, but are those priorities represented in the council?

None of this looks to be on purpose (though it is)  as much as just teams playing to their strengths.
It's a hell of a competition. 

I think Larry Stone shows a side of this with an interview with OVG's Tim Leweike. Leweike can't both be a seasoned professional and somehow "chuckle" about the NBA (Why the Hell do you think you are here?), as calculating as Chris Hansen stepping all over Leweike's big day.

Many Seattle sports fans are holding back their enthusiasm despite the impressive prospect of a sparkling KeyArena upgrade. They simply haven’t been convinced that the Oak View Group’s Tim Leiweke is as committed as Chris Hansen to getting the NBA back to Seattle.
Why many Seattle NBA fans prefer Sodo arena project over KeyArena rebuildLarry Stone / Columnist
Larry Stone is right.

This is what Tim Leweike does for a living. Sometimes he's successful at it. Sometimes he is not.

[edited for clarity, I don't think Tim Leweike give a shit about basketball, he wants 100 nights of arena rock.]