Thursday, July 20, 2017

The KeyArena shit show: Sonics Rising version

This isn't any more surprising than me stepping away from it, is it?

Anyway, their readers are asking questions and Sonics Rising is having to defend something they are denying exists, cognitive dissonance.

There's this list. Then there was a defensive posture.
Members of the Arena Community Advisory Group include:
  • Monty Anderson – Executive Secretary, Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council
  • John Barr – NHL to Seattle 
  • Robert Cardona – Uptown Alliance 
  • Andrea Caupain – Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone 
  • Brian Curry – 10 Mercer Restaurant and Seattle Center Advisory Commission member
  • Deborah Frausto – Uptown Alliance 
  • Ollie Garrett – President, Tabor 100 
  • Nicole Grant – Executive Secretary, Martin Luther King County Labor Council 
  • Mike McQuaid – South Lake Union Community Council 
  • Brian Robinson – Founder, Sonics Rising 
  • Sarah Wilke – Executive Director, Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) 
  • Jane Zalutsky – Executive Director, Seattle Center Foundation

My overall feeling is that they really do believe what they are saying, I believe them, but it's pretty obvious that they are being used to legitimize Ed Murray cramming KeyArena down everybody's throats before he leaves office. He doesn't have a political future and is absolutely burning these very good people at Sonics Rising.
So, I showed myself out.
Maybe I'm wrong, but Ed Murray has been clear in his arena preference, and how he governs.
That's exactly how I felt when I was invited to a couple off the record meetings with Brian Surratt a few months ago.
IMO, Here is the Ed Murray's fucking of the fans. It is in full bloom.