Monday, July 31, 2017's David Aldridge column on Seattle's NBA options

I've thought this for a few years, before Chris Hansen appeared, that relocation of an existing team was the most likely path to the NBA returning to the Seattle market.
Is it better for the owners to split off a portion of ongoing revenues for one time cash? Sure, but split 30 ways it dilutes quickly, and does nothing for the overall health of the league.
Or, is it better that a franchise that cannot keep up with inflating value and costs of an NBA team be allowed to turn a profit from sale, and relocate that team to a viable market.

I think some owner will not be denied a half billion dollar profit that may only be possible if the team relocates to Seattle.

This is a business.
"I believe Seattle should have the first shot," one owner said, on condition of anonymity. "I think a move is more likely than expansion, but right now, neither looks likely."
A second owner said Seattle " is a great market, especially for the NBA," but echoed Silver's sentiments.
"I agree with you there are some markets that would be great addition to the NBA but in terms of expansion, I think we need 30 solid teams first," the second owner said. "If there are teams that are repeatedly losing money every year even after revenue sharing, we must consider moving existing teams to those markets first. Then, once all teams are healthy and making a profit, we can perhaps discuss expansion -- but not until then."
Seattle still has solid shot at NBA return, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon -

Watch those franchise values.
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I've read most little bits of information that might be, could be, may be, something for way too long, but this is unusually thorough, posted on, and anonimous source owners. That's a bit different.
They lay out their path to making a decision for Seattle or not, and in what order.
The question is, how long do those two paths take?
But I take it that they are on that path now, or why bother talking? Maybe we get a relocated team, or an expansion team, or nothing, in that order.