Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Seattle Preservation Board designates KeyArena, Bressi Garage, as Landmarks

KING5's Chris Daniels reports on the potential benefits and complications the landmark designation means.
KeyArena was a forgone conclusion years ago, but the garage was in question.
What was going to be modern use with OVG controlling the property, (are they paying for that?), has taken a turn to 1923.

It's most likely the city will gloss over this by claiming they will figure it out after committing to the project, like they have with everything else (public cost, transportation, revenue splits, did I mention transportation?).

Chris Daniels:

The original Oak View Group proposal has called for tearing down the Bressi Garage, which was built in 1923, for use as a staging area and potential future office space, as well as an entry point for a subterranean tunnel to a loading dock on the south end of the new facility.  The City's Economic Development office offered it up in the original request for proposals for renovation of KeyArena.

However, the 11-member Preservation Board felt, after a tour Monday, that the building has an important place in Seattle history.  It voted to preserve the walls of the brick building, interior trusses, and deck.  Board members argued that it deserved designation because it "it is associated in a significant way with a significant aspect of the cultural, political or economic heritage of the community, city, state, or nation" and "it embodies the distinctive visible characteristics of an architectural style, or period, or a method of construction."

Historic Preservation does not necessarily rule out renovation, but the designation triggers a "controls and incentives" phase of development.  Erin Doherty, who is the coordinator the Landmarks Board, said after the meeting that the Bressi ruling triggers a wide variety of possibilities, but the design and how the building is treated within it, will be a factor.  The designation could also trigger a negotiation or settlement with Pottery Northwest or potentially a new plan for the tunnel and staging area.  It may also make the city eligible for further historic tax credits.  On Monday, OVG Chair Tim Leiweke, Director of Special Project Lance Lopes, and potential NHL investor David Bonderman were all seen at City Hall meeting with council members.

Seattle Preservation Board landmarks KeyArena, Bressi Garage