Sunday, August 6, 2017

KING5: KeyArena, landmark status fallout

Here's twist to the latestest effort to remodel KeyArena.
But Lois Maag, a spokesperson for the Department of Neighborhoods, shed some light on how the process would work moving forward.
"The project team (in this case OVG) would pursue proposed alterations through the Certificate of Approval process," she wrote via email, in regards to whether Oak View Group would have to preserve the garage. "The applicant can apply for a Certificate of Approval to alter or demolish the building, following the procedures in the Landmarks Ordinance. Before pursuing that option, the staff would urge them to explore alternatives to demolition and discuss them with the Landmarks Board."
What's next for proposed KeyArena renovation after landmark designation? via @KING5Seattle

A process OVG did not anticipate. KeyArena has already been gutted and the floor lowered. The garage is an interesting problem. Can they find another path into the arena? That's a big ask. Relocating the garage and/of its contents to another location would be a challenge.
Ok, good luck.