Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seattle Times Columnist Danny Westneat: Husky fan questions UW's 'Qwest' for a new $250 million stadium

Let's follow the self-serving argument by Mick McHugh for just a second, and see what kind of tool for that business owner Danny Westneat is.

Why in the world is the University of Washington about to spend $250 million for a new football stadium?

"I'm here looking out at this $500 million football stadium, that we've already built, and which sits empty most of the time," McHugh said the other day. "Can't we think about all this a little differently?"

McHugh was at the helm of his Pioneer Square bar, F.X. McRory's. It's across the street from the Seahawks' football palace, Qwest Field.

For the past year, McHugh has been buttonholing anyone who comes by about his idea to have the Huskies play all their home games at Qwest.
. . .
"The UW is raising tuition, they're restricting local enrollment, they're closing themselves off from the community," McHugh says. "What if they took that $250 million for the stadium and used it for scholarships instead?"
Danny Westneat | Husky fan questions UW's 'Qwest' for a new $250 million stadium | Seattle Times Newspaper

Gosh Danny, I have no idea why a guy that owns a business across the street from Qwest Field is using you to lobby for more business at Qwest Field across the street from his business.

It's the money, stupid. You play in Qwest Field owned by a Public Facilities District then they get the revenue, at least some of it. You play in Husky Stadium the Husky Stadium gets the revenue, all of it.

Hey, maybe Westneat can go ask the owner of the Ram Restaurant at University Village if moving the football games away from his business to a good idea.

What Danny Westneat failed to do is gather facts before writing his column. He is clearly unaware that Husky Football pays for itself and covers the cost, and scholarships, in many other sports. This is nit an "either, or" proposition; either we fund academics or we fund athletics. The funding for academics comes from the State of Washington and tuition. The funding for the stadium remodel is coming from stadium revenues and private donations. Many of those private donors already give to the University of Washington as much as they are choosing.
It is their money, not yours.