Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seattle Times, Editorials: Republican budget drama comes at a real cost for taxpayers

The Republican establishment supporting, big business championing, Seattle Times Editorial Board is throwing the Tea Party Republicans to the wolves (in this case, that's you). The facts are that the Congress has already committed, and in most cases spent, the money they are failing to borrow. The federal government passes a budget to appropriate (buy) funds beyond the amour of money it will take in so it can give billionaires a tax cut they didn't earn by providing the jobs they claim they are using the money for, and to fund two long wars.

The bills are coming due, pay them, or nobody will lend you money (or charge us more in interest to borrow money we are transferring to billionaires).

HOUSE Republicans favoring gimmicks over governance pushed the federal government to the brink of default on U.S. debt and obligations.

Self-righteous political partisans might find virtue in plunging the economy into a deadline-focused discussion of excess spending — if not skimpy revenue measures — but the theatrics come at a cost.
Editorials | Republican budget drama comes at a real cost for taxpayers | Seattle Times Newspaper

The Tea Party Republicans are jumping off head first into an imaginary pool of economics that doesn't exist. They have it half right, families pay their bills, where they have it completely wrong is that (unlike the Tea Party Republicans) when the bills are due for payment on the things they appropriate money for, we pay those bills, or our credit rating goes down.

It is pretty simple, the Tea Party Republicans didn't get way in the budget process and are now wanting another chance at the budget process. But they failed to notice that a majority of Congress voted for the COMPROMISE budget this borrowing is supposed to pay for. And a majority of Congress will raise the debt ceiling to pay for that budget.
The establishment Republicans (that includes the Seattle Times Newspaper) are siding with reality, and not with you.

The pendulum swings back from the crazy conservative side.