Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday's council meeting

Ms. Thompson [Seattle Times],
Many of the quotes used in your story came from the council in the scenarios they were giving Finance during the meeting.
Some of those questions and scenarios were asked before they had gotten through all of the information.
All of those questions and scenarios were answered. I was there at the meeting. Based on how you reported this, I'm not sure that you were actually there, but skimmed through the SeattleChannel video.
Either way, it's incomplete reporting, making the impression readers have inaccurate.

Please see the summary:
It complies with I-91.
It complies with the spirit of I-91.

Could the city make a better investment with $200 million dollars?
The $200 million dollars doesn't exist without the tax revenue, the city doesn't have $200 million in cash to invest in something else.
As it is, the $200 million dollars borrowed does return a market rate, a rate higher than a 30 Year Treasury Bond.
Maybe you should re-watch the video, look at the chart on page 10, and summary on page 13.

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Mike Baker
Seattle, WA

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