Thursday, November 7, 2013

McGinn describes why more people voted against him

The either/or false proposition that dictates a divisive approach. In opposition, you don't always have to be an a-hole. And sometimes, sometimes, people need actual facts to go along with an opinion (it's true).
McGinn, the land-hermit crab, emerges from his shell -

"I ran on change," McGinn said, and "the fundamental choice was, do I stand up for what I think is right ... or do I do the politically expedient thing? And if I did that, I would become like all of the politicians that drove me crazy as a voter and as a neighborhood guy. ... At the end of four years, I had to be able to live with myself." -

Unfortunately for Mike, Seattle couldn't live with him, even if he could live with himself.

Read the Seattle Met story here:

It's time for Seattle to move on from that mentality.

Best of luck to Ed Murray, Mayor-elect of Seattle.