Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seattle's Tunneling Machine Needs Repair

The tunneling machine needs repair that will take several months. The machine is still under warranty, so, this will cost time. 
Work continues on the entrances, and on the seawall replacement.

In its news release Monday, WSDOT said STP "have not shown any evidence that suggests the state or taxpayers will be responsible for cost overruns associated with these repairs."

Matt Preedy, the state's deputy Highway 99 administrator, said Friday that Hitachi Zosen has a bearing on standby in Europe.

A similar incident happened in the early '90s at the Sarnia rail tunnel, between St. Clair, Ontario, and Port Huron, Mich., where bearing-seal troubles required crews to remove a cutterhead from a machine, made by Lovat of Canada. Insurers wound up paying $29.5 million, reported Tunneltalk.com, an industry website. Despite months of delay, the seals were fixed and the tunnel opened in April 1995.

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Bertha may be on hold until summer for complicated repairs | Seattle Times Newspaper

By Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times