Friday, May 13, 2016

Port of Seattle coveted Chris Hansen's SoDo arena property

Looks like the Port of Seattle found a great location for an office building where it could consolidate its white collar workers, Chris Hansen's SoDo property.

(I'll do my Geoff Baker imitation here.) This information was obtained by a public records request. Why were they hiding this information from the public?

But seriously, even the realtor working for the Port of Seattle recognized the great non-industrial location, that has great road access for all of those office workers. I'm not sure where they would park.

"Now, further documents not only show that some work on the scoping project, identified as SD-16, was still being paid for in March of this year (there's a $4,600 invoice out of a $45,000 overall scoping project), but a map of SoDo sites under consideration reveal that Hansen's arena site itself was listed as a potential new home for the Port; that's site number six in the document obtained below in a public records request related to the Port's site search."

Port Considered Developing SoDo Office Space on Hansen's Arena Site | Seattle Met

Well, what a bunch of tax dependent assholes the Port of Seattle turned out to be.
Word to the city council, they don't give two fucks about you. They will use you as long as you allow it.

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