Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why did the Seattle Times sit on a story about robot longshoremen?

Turns out the Seattle Times sat on a story about robotic port operations in California that was published by Bloomberg before the arena vote.
In an email, the Seattle Times Peter Rosenberg told the Port of Seattle's Mike McGrath that they sat on the "Robot" story.

As I remarked on Sunday, May 15th:

An interesting thing about this story is that Bloomberg News wrote and posted the article on April 24th, a week before the arena vote. The Seattle Times didn't repeat it until 10-days later, after the May 2nd arena vote, on May 14th. 

When did the Seattle Times know about the Bloomberg story April 24th story?
Did the Seattle Times sit on the story to influence the Seattle City Council's May 2nd vote on the street vacation vote for the arena in SoDo by not showing the port eliminating jobs due to automation when moving container receiving from Terminal 46 to Terminal 5?

Just askin'

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