Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When an endorsement from the Milwaukee Bucks doesn't actually help you

An endorsement from the Milwaukee Bucks doesn't actually help you, Seattle Partners (AEG). in Seattle. We don't need this, we want it. 
We do not have a team to lose, the council let the team go 9 years ago.

Some folks made political careers out of passing a law requiring the city to see a positive return on any cash outlay. It had a majority vote, but you probably know that. I'll assume the city will exempt either arena proposal from I-91 if it feels like it, as it did with the Storm. The difference there might be hundreds of millions of dollarsssssssss.......

Seattle is not Milwaukee
Newell and the officials expect this complex to spur private investment outside the Park East land. Considering the public's cost for the new arena is an estimated $400 million after interest, getting taxpayers their money's worth will depend largely on how much private development sprouts up in and outside the arena district.
"This is significant growth:" Milwaukee-based developer named for arena district residential units | FOX6Now.com