Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Is it King County's moment for change? publisher, David Brewster, poses the question of "change?" to the race for the open King County Executive position.

The question, more or less, hinges on Seattle media paying attention to the race. With the end of the printing of one of the daily metro newspapers I hope Seattle is not counting on 30 second snippets on local television news to inform the public on who the candidates are, and what their policy differences are between them.

The Seattle Times, now the lone daily newspaper has leaned center-right forever, and once they endose the status quo, those that lobbied for newspaper tax breaks, they will stop being of use to anybody but themselves.

Welcome to the one newspaper town, Seattle.

Back to David Brewster, he has a good primer on the inside/outside position of the candidates, and their relationship to the ability to take the "change" position.

Right now I am taking an interest in the outsiders, Ross Hunter and Fred Jarrett. The business of running King County needs help, and either one of those two could provide that leadership role (sorry Larry). linked story here!

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Mike Baker

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