Saturday, June 20, 2009 Another Democratic District disses Nickels

The 46th District Dems take a pass on Greg Nickels.

The Democrats of Seattle's 46th District are making no endorsement in the Seattle mayor's race, the third legislative district organization to take a pass on active Democrat and incumbent Mayor Greg Nickels.

Earlier this week, 43rd District Democrats made no endorsement, after balloting in which Nickels trailed a pair of newcomers, T-Mobile vice president Joe Mallahan and Sierra Club activist Mike McGinn.

The 37th District voted to give a joint endorsement to Mallahan and McGinn.
Read the blog post by blogger Joel Connely here.

Or, you can read the 46th District Dems report here. Joe Mallahan drew the majority of votes, but not the required 2/3 vote required to win the endorsement. News aggregator, Joel Connely, could have mentioned that point.
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