Sunday, May 30, 2010

I blame Steve

I watched the video like any armchair ethnomusicologist. I was hoping for a one song Rough Guide of mid-1970's popular American music.
Thanks Steve for posting this on Facebook but now I have a problem.

A few days later I brought something home to 2010 that I am having a hard time washing off my mind, the musical hook, FM radio's revenge.

Ok, make it stop. What removes this musical hook from my mind?

Clearly, I am open to suggestions.


Peter said...

If an arena is gonna cost $500 million, won`t only having a combination of private funds and user fees may be not enough? Since getting county or state funds is a no go, Could we see a contribution from the city the arena will be in, like renton was gonna do for the bennett arena?

Mr Baker said...

That is the cost including land. I Renton, at the time, that property was ready for development, its development value was as high as it would ever be.

If you can get the NHL and NBA in the same building then you can find private money. That was, after all, the Freddy Brown B2 plan. All they needed was somebody else's land, and the NBA and NHL (they supplied the presentation materials, that's about it).

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