Monday, May 31, 2010

Nation & World | Officials: Oil leak may last months | Seattle Times Newspaper

As BP shifted from the "top kill" effort to its latest fallback plan to stop oil gushing from one of its Gulf of Mexico wells, the Obama administration, the company and scientists conceded Sunday that the crude could continue flowing until August.The Seattle Times | Officials: Oil leak may last months
The end of the era of oil has arrived sooner than the government anticipated. The hope of an orderly transition over the next decade has been cut short.
Comparing it to natural disasters just does not fit most likely because there is nothing natural about it. A natural reaction, accepting that winds blow, or waves sweep up on shorelines, usually cuts short our ability to create preventive measures, but not this time.
We all know we can do something to stop this, or at least slow it down.
This will be transformative.


Peter said...

so how would an potential arena deal work out? would the city that the arena is in impose the user fees, the county bond the money, and the private sector put money in for the arena and buy the teams? i do agree w/ several other people in that 2011 is a little too optimistic for an nhl or nba team. try 2012 or 2013. couldn't an NHL team play in the rose garden in portland while we build our arena? i'm sure that portland would love to have an temporary tenant. the other option would be to play out the lease in whatever city our NHL team is currently in. what do you think is more likely?

Peter said...

"Safeco and Qwest are both in Seattle, as was the King Dome. More revenue can be generated in Seattle for the county near those other facilities."

so your'e saying that the resulting arena could still be in seattle w/ the county taking the lead? i would actually prefer the arena is in city limits because it would be easier for me to reach from tacoma. tukwila would be okay too because it is easy to drive to.

Mr Baker said...

You might as well leave a team wherever they are and not move them twice.

The arena survey from last month was pretty clear that "people" would be more likely go to an arena in Seattle. The population outside the city is now large enough to support it.
It could go anywhere, my point was that a smaller project could be built in Seattle, outside the city you would have to put other things around it like shopping and restuarants to make it more of a destination.

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