Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go Storm! NBA basketball? (an open letter to Steve Ballmer)

An open letter to Steve Ballmer (I did send an email into the Steve Ballmer email inbox that must be staffed by a team of email readers, here is an edited version).

Mr. Ballmer,
Should I bother encouraging diehard basketball fans to get state authorization to use King County hotel taxes to help facilitate developing an arena not knowing if it will have a public partner?
A few thousand of us Sonics fans would like to know if you are still interested in owning an NBA franchise.

Just askin'
If I can get the public and private partners to indicate they are still interested then our actions have a purpose.

Moving this foreword became my personal hobby after the Sonics left town.

Thank you for your time, and, Go Storm!
Michael J. Baker
Basketball Fan
Seattle, Wa

An edited version of this letter, Go Storm! NBA basketball? (an open letter to Steve Ballmer), can be found here:

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Peter said...

I do remember reading an article back in februrary where griffin said the ballmer group was still interested, but has ballmer shown any indication he`d go in for an new arena and not just keyarena? I know stopping someone else from building an arena in bellevue would be motiavtion. didnt ballmer stop an bellevue arena idea back when the group just formed? Where did ballmer say he was still interested but looking for a partner?

Mr Baker said...

This was the end of Key Arena.

Peter said...

Sorry the link didnt work. What was the article about?

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