Friday, March 4, 2011

King County Arts Bill Passes House, HB 1997, Moves on to the Senate

A bill that would help fund King County Arts, as well as jump-start the expansion of the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle passed the House Friday night. HB 1997 moves on to the Senate for consideration.

A similar bill, though smaller in scope, SB 5834, has been placed on the Legislative Floor Calendar, currently waiting for a vote in the Senate.

HB 1997, "Providing economic development by funding tourism promotion, workforce housing, art and heritage programs, and community development."

Sponsors: Representatives Orwall, Kenney, Goodman, Fitzgibbon, Maxwell, Santos, Pedersen


SHB 1997
Economic development/funding
House vote on Final Passage

Yeas: 55   Nays: 42   Absent: 0   Excused: 1

Voting Yea:  Representatives Anderson, Appleton, Asay, Billig, Blake, Carlyle, Clibborn, Cody, Darneille, Dickerson, Dunshee, Eddy, Finn, Fitzgibbon, Frockt, Goodman, Green, Haigh, Haler, Hasegawa, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Jacks, Jinkins, Kagi, Kenney, Kirby, Ladenburg, Liias, Lytton, Maxwell, McCoy, Miloscia, Moeller, Moscoso, Ormsby, Orwall, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Reykdal, Roberts, Rolfes, Ryu, Santos, Seaquist, Sells, Springer, Stanford, Sullivan, Takko, Tharinger, Upthegrove, Van De Wege, and Mr. Speaker
Voting Nay:  Representatives Ahern, Angel, Armstrong, Bailey, Buys, Chandler, Condotta, Crouse, Dahlquist, Dammeier, DeBolt, Fagan, Hargrove, Harris, Hinkle, Hope, Hurst, Johnson, Kelley, Klippert, Kretz, Kristiansen, McCune, Morris, Nealey, Orcutt, Overstreet, Parker, Pearson, Probst, Rivers, Rodne, Ross, Shea, Schmick, Short, Smith, Taylor, Walsh, Warnick, Wilcox, and Zeiger
Excused:  Representative Alexander
The following message was sent to Representative Ross Hunter (D) of the 48th district.
TO:   Representative Ross Hunter
FROM:   Mr. Michael Baker
STREET ADDRESS:   Xxxxxxxxxx
EMAIL:   Communicate.with.Mike
PHONE:   (206)
BILL:   1997 (For)
SUBJECT:   Well done
MESSAGE:   Good work on the bill tonight. I am glad to see it pass the House as-is. I hope the Senate is able to get finish something that has proved to be so difficult over the past few years. 

Have a great day, 
Mike Baker 
Seattle, Wa
RESPONSE:   No response required by the sender.


JAS said...

The P-I report:

A measure approved by the state House late Friday would allow the extension of a raft of taxes now being used to pay off the late Kingdome, Qwest Field and Safeco Field, with the money going to fund an expansion of the convention center in Seattle and to support for arts and culture.
But sports fans hoping for a new place for an NBA team to play would be out of luck. House Bill 1997 specifically prohibits any of the tax money from being used “for acquiring or constructing a stadium used by a professional sports franchise.”

That doesn’t sound like good news for us. I knew the bill wasn’t specifically meant for an arena, but I didn’t know that it would specifically say that it couldn’t be used for one.

Mr Baker said...

No bill that has passed the House has had stadium funding in it. All of them have had workforce housing, affordable housing, etc.
They take the form they do so they can get out of the House Committee, and then out of the House.

Look at Senate Bill SB 5834. That passed the Senate today, it is just the lodging tax, it has a percentage going to the Arts, the rest is up to the county to figure out. That is the opinion the Senate has, let the county figure it out. The House wants to micromanage everything.

They will figure it out.

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