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Wednesday, March 30, 2011, HB 1997 will have a hearing in the Washington State Senate Ways & Means Committee.

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From: me
Date: March 29, 2011 12:30:10 PM PDT
To: you
Subject: THIS IS IT!

Advocates, we need you as much as ever. Our LAST PUBLIC HEARING (woo hoo) is scheduled and we need everyone and anyone to show up, sign in and be present. It's the most important action you can take to help save arts and heritage funding. If this is a basketball game, we're in the last 5 minutes and the hometown crowd needs to jump to its feet. It's our last chance to show up en masse and show those folks whose lives/economies/communities/jobs they're dealing with.

Senate Ways & Means hearing on SHB 1997

THIS Wednesday, 3/30/2011,  1:30 pm

Senate Hearing Rm 4 -- J.A. Cherberg Building -- Olympia, WA

Driving? Directions here.

Plan to arrive in Olympia around 1:15 to sign in -- we don't know yet where we are on the agenda, so plan to stay as late as 5 p.m. if possible. (If you have to leave early, that's okay though... signing in is a great help.)

Need a ride? Email advocate4culture@gmail.com

We'll be leaving Pioneer Square around 11:30 a.m. and hope to be back no later than 6:30 p.m.



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Anonymous said...

Pretty serendipidous. Just wrote my State Senator in support, without the restrictions that Rep. Hasagawa added of course.

Mr Baker said...

I sent an email to Ross Hunter and Ed Murray on Sunday.
Hunter said this could be a last minute thing.

I think the Senate had the hearing because they had the time. They are waiting on the House.

So, both bills have had hearings, both times the folks from Yakima have asked to have their tax extended, too. The House bill will likely get an amendment for that. Some of the Senate Republicans in committee asked how much of a hit against the general fund the car rental tax, that part looks like it is in trouble. It isn't much money, but that is directed at Frank Chopp's workforce housing.

If that is amended out then the bill would have to get voted on again on the House side.

They are better off removing that tax, let it end, and make the bill more general, and just generalize the portions of the revenue and the intent of those portions, let the county figure out in which year they have to shift a few million here or there to satisfy the legislative intent.
If the just strip out the parking tax without addressing the housing then that could be a problem.

If the House drags on getting the budget out I would expect the Senate to vote this bill and a few others out of committee. They might as well make use of their time.

Anonymous said...

Any word how the hearing went? I don't have a lot of optimism that this bill will pass. Licata and Van Dyk had an editorial in the Times today saying the same old buildings for billionaires garbage. Par for the course.

Mr Baker said...

The hearing went well, the substitute bill will shave the car rental tax in half, from 2% to 1%. that will make some Republcans happy, and moderate Democrats.

I expect it will get out of committee and to the Senate floor pretty soon. What happens there is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Looks like SHB1997 didn't get out of commitee. Color me suprised.

Mr Baker said...

It was voted on, but it isn't out, it could leave still.

It's not dead yet.

Mr Baker said...

Bill passed subject to signatures, cutoff for signatures is "typically" when the committee submits its final paperwork for that legislative day. It isn't a "time", and is subject to the discretion of the President of the Senate, and the body itself.

At the 1:17.45 mark Ed Murray asks the staff the question, the bill passed subject to signature. Had those other two members been there and had they not voted then the measure would have failed. The majority of members present passed the bill.
The absent members can sign the majority report (they did not vote, were not present) and it moves on to the Rules Committee.

That is how it was explained in committee.

It's not dead, just resting.

bmac said...

well where in the hell were they? dont they realize the importance of attending. Hatfield would of voted yes, how can they just not be present on the last day of consideration. What a way to lose out on 1997, God I truly hate politics with a passion. Once a friggin arena gets agreed to one day before im dead I will never raise an eyebrow for anything politics related in this state. Until of course Safeco becomes outdated:)

Mr Baker said...

Speculating here, let's say Hatfield could not be there no matter what, and let's say that Rodney Tom could be a No.

It is better that they are both not there, and that the bill passes with the majority of Senators "present".

The interesting part was Murray stating that there were some good things in it, and some not so good things, and that it needed some work in the Rules Committee.

So, I'll assume that the bill shows up in Rules, and that it will look different before it hits the Senate Floor for a vote.

Mr Baker said...

UPDATE AGAIN: It's dead. From Advocate4Culture: "1997 is dead for now, it didn't get the signature by the end of the day. Work is being done to resurrect it by the end of this session. There's also a senate bill stalled in the house. The fight will continue and we will find a win for 4Culture this year."

From The Stranger

There are a couple ways this comes back to life, but I'm not going to waste my time guessing. Either they get their shit together and stuff it in one of the many "title only" bills, or they find a fiscal benefit to the current budget (good luck with that).