Sunday, April 3, 2011

AP: WA senators leave key budget hearing in protest

The power of the petty.

Democratic state Sen. Brian Hatfield of Raymond says he left a key Senate budget committee hearing on Friday in protest because one of his bills was killed in the House.

Earlier this session, Hatfield introduced and the Senate passed a bill that would change the types of biomass accepted as part of a clean energy law, grandfathering in pulp mills, including one in Hatfield's district. The House did not act on the bill.

Hatfield says he and Democratic Sen. Rodney Tom of Medina left in protest to get leadership's attention.

Their absence may have stalled the progress of a bill that would have extended temporary taxes on hotel stays, restaurants and car rentals to help fund economic projects in King County.

King County officials had expected to the measure to move out of committee, but fell a vote short.

Hatfield told the Aberdeen Daily World Saturday that he wanted to "rattle the cage." He says their absence shouldn't be blamed for the stadium taxes bill not going forward, though he says there may have been "collateral damage" from his protest.

Local News | WA senators leave key budget hearing in protest | Seattle Times Newspaper


bmac said...

So he doesnt sign for reasons nothing to do with 1997, how can this be allowed.Cant he just sign today and all will be forgiven? Jesus Christ I hate politics. That is why I hate olympia. another example.

Anonymous said...

These jerks never fail to disappoint with their ability to reach a new low. And what amazes me more is that they're in the same party. No back scratching to be found in their disfunctionality.

Anonymous said...

I read in the PI that SHB 1997 may be resusistated. What's your over/under?

Mr Baker said...

" Anonymous said...
I read in the PI that SHB 1997 may be resusistated. What's your over/under?"

Absolutely will, it was true when it "died".

The legislature will go into Special Session, it hasn't been said in the newspapers but that has been pretty clear when the last forecast came out.
When Ross Hunter rolled out the Dems budget last Monday he said they had about 65 bills to pass in order to enact that budget. There is no way in the world they can pass 65 bilks through the House, then Senate, with all of them getting hearings, and amendments... Before the Easter Sunday, the final day of the regular session.

So, when they go into Special Session I am sure they will find time to fit in Sen. Hatfield's bill on pulp stuck in the House, and HB 1997 in the Senate.

Act surprised when they announce a Special Session.