Saturday, April 23, 2011

While we are skimming money off King County and spreading it around the state

How about them arts?
So, the Washington State Legislature will return on Tuesday for a Special Session, fact.
The House version of the operating budget bill HB 1087 has $100,000 going from the King County arts, heritage, and affordable housing bill, HB 1997 to the state's affordable housing fund, fact.
This does not appear to be in the Senate's amended version of HB 1087.
The two versions need to be reconciled, hopefully keeping HB 1997 alive and necessary for implementing the budget (House version), and that bill will get passed.

What I am wondering is why $100,000 wasn't skimmed off for the state's arts and heritage appropriation? It's not like I am looking for less money for King County, but, mmmm, I'm thinking that those if us in King County that car about arts would understand that expenditure. Maybe the funds could would have to be administered by a King County non-profit to be spent in the state and outside of King County.
Just askin' think about it, come on, really think about it.

Word to (thanks for the kind words), to this point, I believe it is HB 1997 that is alive, and SB5834 is not alive as it does not have a housing component and was not specifically identified in a budget bill.
So there.

And now something "Special"