Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seattle sports stadium taxes may live on after all | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News -

All true, the House Ways & Means Committee passed the operating budget with Amendment 464 that adds $100,000 to the Affordable Housing Account using revenue from HB 1997.

Well, I guess HB 1997 is now necessary to enact the state budget, making it exempt from legislative cutoff.

House Operating Budget bill is HB 1087, and is on the House Floor calendar as of 4/8/2011. (Ed update: HB 1087 and its Amendments are being debated now, 3pm, 4/9/2011) (second Ed. HB 1087 passed the House 53 to 43, with 1 absent, 5pm 4/9/2011).

I thought this would have happened in a Special Session, but, I guess it makes better sense to have the House put it in and pass it over to the Senate.
The operating budget bill is in the Rules Committee racking up amendments (as expected). When they get rolling on the operating budget bill it could be an all day affair.

Once the House version of the Operating budget passes to the Senate then it will go to the Senate Ways & Means Committee, then it's game on.

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Anonymous said...

Well sounds like the esteemed KC Exec made some phone calls. Good for him. Now if they can strike Hasegawa's inane provision it'll definately be game on.

Mr Baker said...

What is passible in committee is different than what is passible on the floor, and each side of the legislature is different.
I think that the cut of the car rental tax from 2 to 1% is likely, the rest of the bill will be less prescriptive.

If one of the two bills were to be the one to keep alive, this House bill is better than the Senate Arts bill.

I would prefer that the county have the freedom to make the best of their situation a decade from now. Having the state prescribe an unknown future ties the county's hands.

JAS said...

Sorry to bug you about this, but I haven’t been able to get onto the Sonics Central website today. Is there a problem with it, or is it down for maintenance? Or is the problem on my end?

Mr Baker said...

"This site is currently undergoing maintenance. We will be back up shortly.
Thank you."

I think Brian is handing the site off to the Sonicsgate guys.

JAS said...

Thanks. I just noticed Kevin Pelton mentioning on Twitter that the site was hacked.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to SHB 1997. Have you heard anything on it lately?

Mr Baker said...

House budget bill is in the Senate Ways & Means Committy today (1:30pm) for a vote, they have to create demand for the revenue and then consider the funding (1997).
If 1087 still has the requirement when it leaves committee then 1997 stays alive.

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