Thursday, May 19, 2011

SB 5958, King County bill for Arts and Convention Center funding Fails in Senate, 24 to 22

Failed. The people of Yakima County can thank Republican Senator Curtis King for the loss of tax revenue for your fairgrounds.
The people of King County can thank The Demicrats that voted with the Republicans for the loss of tax revenue for your convention center, Kastima, Sheldon (Roll Call).

SB 5834 is still on the Senate Floor Calendar. That bill does not have "stadium" taxes in it. That bill passed the Senate once already, during the Regular Session.

I think Senate will pass SB 5834 again.
It should be clear to the House that if SB 5958 failed then it is essentially pointless to pass HB 1997 again. Those two bills are darn near the same, the Senate bill being slightly more conservative.

If the House has any desire to pass anything they probably should minimize over prescribing the uses of the Hotel tax, and maybe just pass the bill as is.