Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Senate Bill 5834 passed the Washington State Legislature, now what?

First off, and straight up, I am very happy for 4Culture. They worked very hard to get this bill passed, thanks for asking for a little advice, I'm glad to give it, but it was all you (as was mentioned by some legislators on the House floor).
Well done.

King County is better because of your good work and we might all benefit.

To the sports fans that appear to be heavy readers of my blog, whatcha gonna do now?
The 2% Hotel/motel tax goes back to the control of King County after Qwest Field is paid off in 2021. 1/4 of the tax revenue is to be used for tourism infrastructure.
(vi) . . . On and after January 1, 2021, the revenues under this section must be used as follows:
(i) At least thirty-seven and one-half percent of the revenues under this section must be deposited in the special account under (e) of this subsection. [that's arts, heritage, 4Culture, etc]
(ii) At least thirty-seven and one-half percent of the revenues under this section must be used for nonprofit organizations or public housing authorities for affordable workforce housing within one-half of a mile of a transit station, as described under RCW 9.91.025 or for services for homeless youth. [just as it says, though I expect King County to use part of this to fund the program that gets teenage prostitutes off the streets]
(iii) The remainder must be used for capital or operating programs that promote tourism and attract tourists to the county. [well, that is 25% of $25 million dollars, and rises with inflation] SB 5834

So, will there be a battle over the 25% (iii) to be the public portion of an arena in Bellevue, Seattle, new or remodel, slow on the uptake Seattle, or overreaching Bellevue.

Sung Yang, you might not remember this, but, when we all had lunch last Fall I mentioned to you that I would support my friends in the arts community.
Dow Constantine might not have gotten what he wanted, but he got something to work with. I trust him to make the most of it.

Lastly, I have had the opportunity to give a few people words of encouragement in reference to these many bills, over the past couple years. All are meaning well, all hoping for anything, well, this is something.