Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seattle Times: Higher fees to play sports leaves kids on sidelines

Multi-millionaire athletes enter our state to play games and make money without contributing to the extra-curricular sports activities those entertainment industries rely on to perpetuate their business model.

This state could, in accordance with the state constitution, institute a 1% income tax on professional athletes. They could then use that money to fund these sports programs instead of school districts, funding armature and professional sports facilities, instead of middle class tax payers.
Close that loop around sports and let it sink or swim based on its own ability to self-sustain.

Local News | Higher fees to play sports leaves kids on sidelines | Seattle Times Newspaper

This is not some "plan" to build an arena. This is just me expressing my broad policy position.


hughc5 said...

Sounds like it should be a plan. Maybe if the mike hope athlete user fee craps out we could incorporate something like this

Mr Baker said...

It is not enough money to build an arena with, but it is the right think to do to help pull the cost of high school athletics off the backs of the general population.

Millionaires and billionaire own and make money from this whole system. The players that "make it" can help pay for it.

Mr Baker said...

I don't know if this is an old bill that failed in December, or a new bill, there is just a bill home page but no bill attached.
HB 2539

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