Sunday, November 25, 2012

From POLITICO - GOP warns of shutdown over filibuster

The Senate is broken, and here is why:
Republicans say eliminating filibusters - even on a piecemeal basis - will undermine the fundamental underpinnings of the Senate as a body designed to operate on consensus and protect the minority party, making the body run like the House, where the majority rules with an iron fist.

See, they have it all wrong. The Senate was designed to protect the minority of the population by giving each state, regardless of population, two senators.
It wasn't designed to protect a minority of senators.

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GOP warns of shutdown over filibuster


By MANU RAJU | 11/25/2012 01:02 PM EST

A partisan war is brewing that could bring the government to a screeching halt as early as January - and no, it's not over the fiscal cliff. It's all about the filibuster. Democrats are threatening to change filibuster rules, in what will surely prompt a f…


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