Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Seattle Times: McGinn missteps beckon crowd of potential rivals

It's the early list of potential mayoral candidates for Seattle.

Among the possible candidates are: state Sen. Ed Murray; three current or former City Council members, Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell and Peter Steinbrueck; former County Executive Ron Sims; commercial real-estate broker Charlie Staadecker; business owner and engineering project manager Albert Shen; Republican Port Commissioner Bill Bryant; and perhaps the most experienced of all, the former mayor of both Bellevue and Bremerton, Cary Bozeman.

The Seattle Times: McGinn missteps beckon crowd of potential rivals

Here is my preliminary ranking, some folks are unfamiliar to me right now.

1. Ed Murray, state Senator,
2. Tim Burgess, current City Council member,
3. Bruce Harrell, current City Council member,
4. Ron Sims, former County Executive
5 (a tie of unknowns to me). Charlie Staadecker, commercial real-estate broker,
5. Albert Shen; business owner and engineering project manager.

Finally, a parade of jackasses in no particular order:
Bill Bryant, Republican Port Commissioner (the court case the Longshoreman's Union has against the city's arena efforts will drag this gasbag into the light of public examination during the discovery phase in a way that might cost him his current job).
Cary Bozeman, the former mayor of both Bellevue and Bremerton (the fact that the Seattle Times gives this person any kind of consideration with occasional news stories, quotes, and opinion pieces, should be a giant red flag right there).
Peter Steinbrueck, former City Council member (see Bill Bryant, see also his NASCAR-like lobbying business. He's an entitled brat and a tool.).

Where does Mike McGinn fit in all this?
One of the top 6 will emerge as the top contender and frontrunner. this will comprise 1/3 of the primary poll (it's Ed Murray's to lose).

McGinn is1/3 of the primary contenders.

The group of jackasses at the end will get enough in-kind contributions parading as "news" from the Seattle Times to AstroTurf one of them to the level of "also ran" status, the final 1/3.

That's what it looks like.

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