Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seattle Times: Legislature's Ed Murray wants to run for Seattle mayor

Ed Murray officially becomes one of the top 3 mayoral candidates.

That's the race right there, Murray, Burgess, McGinn, in that order.

Between the two candidates not McGinn, Murray and Burgess, Murray is most likely going to be able to pull supporters from McGinn. That's Murray's advantage.

In an interview earlier this week, Murray said he plans to reach out during the next few months to neighborhood groups, as well as business and civic leaders to gauge support. "Do I think a good number of people will come and help and support, yes, but, man, I cannot take it for granted," Murray said. "Burgess is a solid council member. McGinn is the last person I would write off. This is the guy who defeated an incumbent mayor. I have some work to do before I can have a full campaign for mayor."
It's not like Murray would be starting from scratch or suffers from a lack of name recognition, given the high-profile issues he's been in the middle of, including transportation and gay marriage.

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