Monday, October 14, 2013

Mike OBrien for City Council

The Seattle Times has a soft spot in their heads for anybody that opposes the SoDo arena, and will do anything, and I mean anything, to stop it.

Here, they endorse Albert Shen, why, what is their big selling point?
"Shen opposes putting a publicly subsidized basketball arena in Sodo,"

And why does the Seattle Times endorse Richard Conlin?
"He wisely opposed the proposed basketball arena in Sodo."

And why does the Seattle Times endorse Nick Licata?
"Like Conlin, Licata voted against the Sodo location for the proposed arena. Expect him to be a strong critic of the deal."

Seattle Times

It's all about hating on the arena for the Seattle Times.
I'll vote for socialists before I vote for Conlin and Licata. I hate those two.

Conlin is locked into a failed idea that the city should not participate in ventures with for-profit companies all the while the Seattle Center's non-profit companies failed to pay rent, causing the city to "loan" the Seattle Center $3.5 million dollars to pay its bills. Wake up Richard, the vast plazas filled with non-profit "programming" killed the Seattle Center, and is the future death of the waterfront park.
He needs to go.

Licata straddles every fence until the politically safe vote is available for him to take.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker
Seattle, Wa

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