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Publicola: Neumos Founder Says Meinert "Does Not Speak for" Nightlife Community (on Murray Endorsement)

Here is Dave Meinert's statement from Publicola's comments section. I underlined a broader complaint that some people have with Mike McGinn. The response from McGinn supporters usually is that McGinn's opponents lack specifics. I think Dave Meinert outlined his issues pretty well.
My issue is underlined. He is not an executive, he is an activist.
He could be both, as could any other person running for mayor of Seattle. But, he just can's deal with opposing views in an effective way, like an executive that deals with the entire city should do.

"A few things I want to respond to: 
1. I have never represented that I speak for the music community. No one does, as like every community, it exists of a multitude of individual voices. In this and the last Mayoral race, there are people on both sides (some nightlife leaders supported Mallahan last time around) However, 19 nightlife/ music community leaders came together and did a joint endorsement for Ed Murray. I speak only for myself, and I think, if you look at that list, you'll see 18 other very successful, intelligent, very independent people who would not want me speaking for them. Nor do they need me to. 

2. The folks endorsing Murray stated clearly that we appreciate the good work that McGinn did for the music community. We are not attempting to trash McGinn. We simply believe we should support the best candidate for all of Seattle, and that candidate is Ed Murray. 

3. I owned the Mirabeau Room with Jeff Steichen during the Nickels administration, and have booked and run venues, and worked with city and state government since 1992. 

4. I never 'attacked' my good friend John Roderick, nor have even commented on him to anyone. John and I speak regularly and spoke just after we both did interviews on this topic. Jerry's statement is purely 100% false. I would never attack anyone for supporting a position or candidate different that mine. We should all be able to express our opinions, and still be friends. I certainly hope this campaign doesn't change that. 

5. At least two liquor board members stated they did not pass the extended hours pilot because they did not believe the city was run well enough, especially the SPD. This was a direct critique of Mayor McGinn's inability to manage the city, and is a perfect example of why I feel we need a new Mayor. 

6. While Mayor McGinn has done some good, in fact, great, things for the music community, he failed to support our efforts to change or get rid of the Opportunity to Dance tax. He also botched an historic chance to reform the SPD, and has failed to come out with a plan for the waterfront redevelopment, the largest capital project this city has ever taken on, and one that is important the long term future of Seattle. The Mayor and his staff knew I was concerned about these issues when he announced his bid for re-election. Nothing he has done since changes my opinion on them. Ed Murray is better on these issues. The Mayor's response to a large number of high profile, active, music community leaders coming out to endorse his opponent is to try to make the music community look divided, and attack the people who endorsed his opponent. This in a nutshell is one of the the problems I have with the Mayor. His is truly divisive, and his campaign is mean spirited and dishonest. These tactics might make for a good activist, but they make for an ineffective government executive. 

End of the day, Jerry and I are friends, and I respect the hell out of him. He even helped me purchase my home. His statement here attacking me personally is bullshit though. And full of factual errors. But hey, we all have to shit sometime. PS - I love Kerri too, even if a year ago she did yell at me how she thought I was 'McGinn's boy" and that he was "ruining the city" because of his increasing the parking rates. But I guess we all have a right to change our minds!
Posted by Meinert about 1 hour Ago"

Yes,Mr. Meinert, we all have the right to change our minds. Good for you, and your reasons.

Some of us never changed our minds from 2009 that McGinn would not be a good executive.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

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