Friday, May 22, 2009

Jan Drago-ing out announcement to run for Mayor of Seattle

SEATTLE - Is how one announces that they are going to do something reflective of how they would actually do the activity? I sure hope not, but, maybe yes.
Jan Drago has constructed a poll that has her favored over incumbant mayor Greg Nickels. Is this her idea of inclusion or concensus in decision making? I hope not.

Does rumormonger-ing your own intent to act for three months show the governed how you decide something? I hope not.

Does pushing the big business gets anything they want agenda make you a better mayor because you would be nicer about being a "bully" make you a better choice than Greg Nickels? I think not.

Voters that vote against Greg Nickels are not going to vote for the same thing with a new face. Are they? I hope not.

Read another Seattle Times story about Jan Drago getting ready to announce a run for mayor, right here.

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