Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seattle Times: Mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan touts leadership skills

SEATTLE - Mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan had a "get to know the candidate" interview with the SeattleTimes. What is most disappointing about the interview is that it was published in a Saturday edition of the newspaper. This is printed in one of the least read newspapers of the week, and on a rare sunny Spring day. Even the people that have the newspaper delivered are less likely to read it.
Conversely, a story about potential mayoral candidate Jan Drago's push-poll results showing her beating incumbant mayor Greg Nickels has gotten a lot of play all week in the local media. Even as it turns out that the poll is complete crap (poll takers were given positive statements about Drago and then asked if they like her, not kidding) the initial story got headlines early in the week.

To the substance, he is for the tunnel and the 20 cent plastic bad tax.
The tunnel is just about a moot point now. The bag tax is more about the tax than it is about the bag. There are positive ways to change the consumption of plastic bags if that is really the intent, for example, partner with local businesses to fund a free re-usable bag to be sent to every residence. In exchange the companies get their logo tastefully displayed on the bag (and delivered to every home). That would make a difference without slapping somebody's hand for forgetting to bring a bag to the store, but, it is not about that, is it.

He has a point about the mayor being uninvolved in making sure the December snow removal went better than Mr. Nickels assumed.

Mr. Mallahan is running on style points, and managerial tactics, in comparing himself to the current mayor. Is that enough to beat Nickels? Maybe.

BTW, One person commenting in the newspaper's online section stated that Mr. Mallahan's Prius must be used if he drives it. Quite true, and I'll point out that it is possible to be an even green-er Prius owner if you buy it and don't touch it, much like Nigel Tufbel's foam green Fender 6-string, "Don't touch it! Don't even point at it!".

Read the Seattle Times story here!
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