Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seattle needs some Pat Paulsen, and right now

SEATTLE - What is really missing from local politics is the fun.

Who is our Pat Paulsen?

Where is the fun?
I am thinking that the days of fun being left to just one person to do it all have, sadly, past. I am thinking about forming a 501c4 FUN Lobby. I just have to come up with a snappy title, something that spells FUN. I have the U, "Us", and I have the N, "Now". But, what's the "F" word?
I'll ponder all the "F" words, and then work on a mission statement.

I'm not kidding.

[editor's note, two degrees of Pat Paulsen: Mr. Paulsen was once hired to be Tom Smothers' weekly friend. I once was hired to hold a half-drank Miller Beer when Tom Smothers went to go on stage in Everett, Washington. Ok, not hired, I drank the rest of that beer as payment]