Saturday, July 25, 2009

I endorse Mallahan and McGinn for Mayoral Primary

I endorse Mallahan and McGinn as the top two for Mayor of Seattle.
There, I said it.

Rather than send individual emails out, here is why I endorse two candidates for a primary; that is the function of the primary, to pick the top two. It is also a nice trick of presenting readers with a false sense of choice. I could live with either candidate, and by limiting the list to two you may reject all the others and vote for either of the two people on my primary list.

In the case of Mallahan and McGinn (as well as Hunter and Jarrett) I am compelled to say that I think the top two candidates should do one of two impossible things:

Job Share - they switch off at lunch time, both working 20 hours a week (yes, impossible, AND a good idea).
Fusion the characters like in the video game (I have to trust my son here) Dragon Z
Namekian Fusion: This fusion is exclusively for Namek's. First, one Namek places his hand on the other, then ki is concentrated and the fusion begins to take place. The Namek's have the ability to choose which of the two bodies they want to use. The resulting warrior is much stronger than either warrior alone. If by chance the two warriors fusing were once one being and parted for whatever reasons, the Fusion becomes twice as powerful.

Since job sharing and Fusion are out, I will pick one candidate to endorse after the primary election is over.

Mallahan's Muni rating makes sense to Erica Barnett at Publicola. But that is not a rating of their policy choices.

So, read about them here:
See the City Club Mayoral "debate" here.

Joe Mallahan's voter pamphlet page.
Mike McGinn's voter pamphlet page.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

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