Monday, July 13, 2009

The SeattleWeekly, Daily Weekly: Up Close & Personal With Ross Hunter

SeattleWeekly Executive blogger Mike Seely "came away impressed" with Ross Hunter.
why doesn't Hunter, who's already earned a reputation as that rare politician who gets shit done, simply wait to try and pick off Congressman Dave Reichert in 2010, a scenario the state Dems would cream their pants over? Fact is, his county exec campaign may be a well-masked attempt to lay the groundwork for just such a run.
Mike Seely posted his story right here.

I think that is what this is all about at this point. Does he hurt Jarrett by staying in? He can not really drop out at this point, he is raking in money. Being able to make the rounds now on this campaign's dime only helps, as does getting shit done.

If he loses in the primary, and a Special Session is called in Rocktober, then goes from running for office to being in the middle of getting more "shit" done in a hurry.

So, Ross Hunter is a State Representitive, he could be King County Executive, or he might be a U.S. Congressman (kicking Dave Reichert's ass getting there). Ok, remove the brackets, I really do think Ross Hunter would kick Dave Reichert 's political ass. Darcy Burner had two well funded boot swings at that kickball. Darcy Burner got pretty close to winning.

Ross Hunter going into that matchup would have his experience as Washington State House Finance Committee Chair to run on. I think that helps him carry broader support than Burner drew.

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