Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seattle Times "editorial board here to help with voter education before Aug. 18 primary"

SEATTLE - Welcome to the one newspaper town, Seattle. This will be the first election cycle in more than a century to be reported on, editorialized, and opined, through the pages of one daily metro newspaper.

How will anybody know, for sure, that the bias of the Seattle Times is more of the same it has, or a final payoff for more of the same bias?
This same newspaper lobbied, and incumbant politicians they "cover" lobbied, for a special partial exemption from Washington State's B & O tax [quid].

To this end our schedule at The Times is packed with endorsement interviews this month. We will be vetting races from the Eastside to Seattle that involve more than two candidates, triggering a primary vote. In most cases, the editorial board will pick two candidates to suggest for the general election [pro quo?]. The advancing candidates will likely be asked to come in for another endorsement meeting in the fall.

Technology makes it possible to give voters more insight into the endorsement process. will webcast our endorsement meetings for King County executive on July 15 and Seattle mayor on July 21.

Look for our endorsements the last week of this month and the first week of August. The endorsements will begin running about a week before the mail ballots go out and for nearly a week after voters receive them. This ensures voters have our suggestions before and while they sit down at the kitchen table to vote. We will also do a recap of our suggestions closer to Aug. 18.

We are not going it alone for this primary. The editorial page has partnered with CityClub to put on debates for the two highest profile races. The county executive debate will be July 16 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. The following week, on July 23, we will be at it again with the Seattle mayoral debate at CityClub's home in Rainier Square.

Ryan Blethen
Times editorial page Editor

The technology that enables the Seattle Times to transmit video of its editorial board interviews of candidates will also allow web sites, bloggers, and the fringe publications to have thier voices heard, too.

The new medium gives anybody a tiny bit more power than maybe they should. We are were we are, in an environment where the daily metro has gotten into bed with the people they are supposed to be reporting on.
We have to fend for ourselves, to some extent.
I have an iPhone, and I am not afraid to use it.

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