Monday, November 30, 2009

Mayor McPipedream Hold Focus Group, Calls it a "Town Hall"

Hey, J-School kids, it's called a focus group.

As much as I like the idea of the mayor-elect having "Town Halls" I can not quite get over the fact that this was not really a Town Hall.

Dominic Holden got right to the point on who Mike McGinn announced as his first three staff members.
(emphasis mine)
McGinn's deputy mayors will be Phil Fujii, the community relations manager at Vulcan, and Darryl Smith, a Windermere realtor and former city council candidate. Julie McCoy (no, not this Julie McCoy), the managing director of the Mercury Group, which conducted strategy for McGinn's campaign, will be McGinn's chief of staff.
The Stranger

After the 1 hour, 45 minute, thing I think McGinn owes me a free sleeping bag for living through the mayoral version of a timeshare pitch. Here's larger message being given tonight, He needs our help, here are the questions, remember these words, say them back to me, I need your help.

Word to the guy in the red tie, Town Hall means you get your ass out there and we pepper YOU with questions and you try to answer them. For real, this bullshit should have been done 4 months ago. Here is an idea, know what the answers to those three questions are BEFORE you run for office. WTF are you asking these kinds of questions know for, other than to test your word cloud Vulcan/Windermere/Mercury marketing on those think tank subjects in the gym in North Seattle.

Is this Q&A, or push-polling?
Here is a tip, the crowd provided the "answers".

Tell me what you think of when you read these three questions:
How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth by the campaign?
How do we build public trust in the new administration?
What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge — what should the new administration do first out of the gate?

Good, now that you are thinking these things, here are the words we have collected from other people in connection with these same questions (insert "word cloud", that's #7 of 9 tips here at
Now, start talking to the questions, let's see if our "word cloud" words are part of your statements.

Note to the folks in the South end of Seattle, McGinn spoke for about 14 minutes (8 minutes opening, 3 minutes telling everybody that we have a $40 million dollar deficit next year, 3 minutes to close). I hope you are not expecting answers to your questions. I do not think they are ready to market answers yet.

Have a great day,
Mike Baker

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Peter said...

you posted this on SC:
"Chopp says he also supports allowing counties to use hotel and motel taxes for housing, in addition to public art."

assuming dow's right and ballmer's still in, what would be the strategy to work with chopp to keep keyarena in 6116 when it passes? i know he supports "
public art" and hunter sounds really supportive of using the taxes for tourist attractions, but will having hunter in dow's advisory team help us with chopp on keeping keyarena in 6116 if it passes and ballmer stays in?

Mr Baker said...

As long as the bill is in its current form when it passes the Senate it should also pass the House in the same form, with the KeyArena provision.
More broadly, it is hard for Seattle to just find money for the Seattle Center master plan.
Does the new mayor propose a tax for new mass transit and Seattle Center, while facing a $40 million dollar hole in next year's budget?
He campaigned on one of those, and tourist taxes is one way to deliver on the other.

Peter said...

yeah but what is the strategy to make sure chopp dosen't kill whatever final bill comes forward? having hunter on dow's transition team probably helps. would the affordable housing provision be enough for the county to negogiate passage with chopp, including keyarena? i know chopp said in a interview that keyarena "wasn't a priority" for him, yet he could talk about it if all his priorities are adressed.

Mr Baker said...

Chopp's bill the Hunter had written is trapped in the Senate Ways & Means committee. The Senate bill, if it passed from the Senate to the House likely would not be passed soon enough time to be amended by the House and make it back to the Senate to have another vote to accept the bill as amended.

If it passes from the Senate I think the House would pass it, as-is.
Getting it passed in the Senate is the hard part.

Mr Baker said...

Keyarena is about 10% of this bill, minor repares to Safeco in 5 years is another 15%, leaving about 600 million dollars out there for King County and the City of Seattle to breath life back into some health and human services that have been cut, and many other things.

Peter said...

if Dow is able to get 6116 passed next year, what is the likelihood mcginn will uphold the $75 mil in ticket taxes to complete the deal? are we looking at the county bonding 150 instead of 75 mil because the city takes the offer away?

Mr Baker said...

The city council would write it and pass it, I think he would sign it.

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