Monday, February 15, 2010

SB 6051 Passed in the Washington State Senate

Today the Washington State Senate passed SB 6051
"Removing an expiration date applicable to heritage and arts program funding."
Third reading, passed; yeas, 28; nays, 19; absent, 0; excused, 2. (View Roll Calls)

The Senate passed a pretty vague bill. The House Bill, HB 2912, is still on the House Floor Report. It is getting amendments to clean up some language, and let some rental cars off of the sales tax that are rented during service and repair of other vehicles ( think loaner).

There has been some progress. The Senate went first.

Thank you Ed Murray!


Peter said...

is this good news for keyarena? does 6051 do anything for keyarena?

Peter said...

i wrote this little message to kohl-welles:

"i don't know if you remember me, but i wrote you last summer over last year's SB 6116. I noticed that they passed SB 6051 earlier this week. will 6051 give the county authority to use funds form to improve publicly owned stadiums and arenas, most notably keyarena and husky stadium?"

Peter said...

it does say in 6051 that the stadiums has to be "county owned". so i guess our only hope is the houseputs back in the stadiums/arenas part.

Mr Baker said...

This bill just extends to Hotel tax. The "county" only part is about Yakama.

There is a city provision starting on page 3.

There is nothing in here that extends the other stadium taxes, nothing for Safeco, nothing for Workforce Training,

It looks like the Senate would rather extend the tax for arts and let the rest die before they accept the bill the House is butchering. I might be wrong, just my opinion, but that is what it looks like.
Today is the last day to pass a bill out of its house of origin, that is, if the House expects the Senate to do anything with HB 2912 then they pretty much have to pass it today. If they don't then they have to start with what the Senate passed SB 6051.
If a bill did not pass one either side by now we would have a harder time.

My guess, opinion, is that the House will work really hard to cram all that other stuff in, pass it, only to have the Senate amend it on final passage with almost no time left.

Or, this is an attempt to get the arts some funding and kick the problem into the next session.

I don't know. Let's see if the House passes HB 2912 first.

Mr Baker said...

If Frank Chopp wants Workforce Housing money for his construction pals he will have to play ball. It may be that simple.

Mr Baker said...

HB 2912 is being debated on the House Floor right now.

Mr Baker said...

Husky stadium was just cut out of the House bill.

They are voting on the final bill.

Mr Baker said...

The sales tax credit was just cut out, that is less money.

HB 2912 passed the House. I will want to read the final bill before I comment further.

Both bills passed, they need to be reconciled.

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