Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worlds Collide: Two King County Hotel Tax Bills Passed

On Monday the Washington State Senate passed SB 6051

The Senate passed a pretty vague bill.

The House Bill, HB 2912, passed the House today.

There has been some progress. The Senate went first, the House went second. Does either side want to tinker with the other side's bill? They kind of have to agree. The Senate bill is missing Workforce Housing.

Let's see where this goes.

This has gone pretty far, I am ok with the House bill so far.


Peter said...

So if they don't pass keyarena and safeco this year, and they let the sales tax credits expire, no money can EVER go to keyarena or safeco field? if they expect the mariners to pay for upkeep themselves, we're losing them too.

Mr Baker said...

Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina, who chairs the Finance Committee, said he'd prefer to leave those decisions up to King County. But he said the bill couldn't get enough votes to advance with the stadiums still in it.

"This is not a done deal," said Hunter, who predicted some version of HB 2912 would be one of the last bills still in play at the end of the 60-day legislative session. "I just don't know what's going to happen in the end."

Peter said...

with all this talk about the state ever helping, i think we have to remember it’s not the 90’s anymore. the economy is just not there for anything like stadiums right now. maybe when the economy is booming there will be a new arena. when the state faces a huge deficit, there just isn’t a lot of support for anything that could be deemed “controverisal”. if the economy was in the middle of the worst recession since the depression in the 90’s, i can assure anyone we wouldn’t have the m’s, seahawks or sounders right now. we either have to get private funding or wait until the economy is really good. i still think it will all work out in the end, and 10 years from now we could possibly have all 4 major leagues in seattle, at least money wil go to safeco and qwest and we'll get the sonics back. it's just a matter of returning to a great economy.What do you think?

Anonymous said...

mr b - tried to post earlier but can't find it. what does all this mean? dumb it down for me, please. what is the status of the bill(s)?

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