Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Mike McGinn one-and-done, no matter what he does?

Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn in a no-win situation? Is he the man who replaced the man, Greg Nickels, and that's it?

He has only been mayor for 6 months and 10 days (but who is counting), but he is having to make cuts. Next year it will be even more cuts, the year after that his claim to fence straddling fame, the deep bore tunnel replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct, will begin construction. And we will be thankful at the time for the jobs and promise of a viaduct-free Seattle wasterfront.

Then he has to run for re-election.

Sure, a lot can happen between today and 3 years from now, but almost none of it in the control of the mayor.
Every promise he made during his campaign that has a dollar sign attached to it is either dead on arrival, conveniently forgotten, one an up hill battle.

West Side light rail levy vote while chopping parts of the budget by 14.5% next year just looks like a break in logic.

This is going to hurt us a lot more than it is going to hurt him, and Seattle will resent it. They will resent the iPhones for his staff, and $200,000 to paint stripes on Nickerson Avenue to may bike riders happy.
Let them eat sharrows!

About next year:
McGinn said he may increase fees or ask voters to increase their property taxes to pay for next year's budget. Without new revenue, some departments will be asked to cut as much as 14.5 percent from their budgets.

Those cuts are "probably deeper than I think the residents of this city want us to go," McGinn said.

Local News | Mayor to cut wading-pool hours, delay hiring 21 police officers in midyear budget cuts | Seattle Times Newspaper

McGinn, he may be one-and-done, no matter what.


Peter said...

on the issue of the reported arena/investors by brock huard, is that the kind of thing that is reported only once before "the big announcement"? have any other radio shows on espn seattle said anything about the report? here in taooma, news about the cheney stadium redo broke in the newspaper. i know people can be working towards a solution for sometimes years with no reports of anything, (as was the case in tacoma),but here's hoping to a similiar endgame in KC that happened in tacoma.

Mr Baker said...

I think early reports and efforts involved the survey. It was information gathering, and measuring how people would react. I would guess that the the amount of reaction was larger than anticipated.

I did not expect an early public effort to start until after the season ends tonight, and the draft tomorrow.

I think that if anybody is planning something that we would start to hear something pretty soon, that is a big if.
Some people might want to wait to buy a team until the labor contract has been resolved, I do not know if that is the case with Ballmer. Including a NHL team may cause people to stay silent until all of the parts are in place, the arena and two franchises.
We shall see.

Tacoma made many, many, tries at getting funds from the legislature over the past few years.

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