Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rep. Dave Reichert - CHICKEN!

Dave Reichert is a CHICKEN!

Cock a doodle do!
My dame has lost her shoe,
My master's lost his fiddlestick,
And knows not what to do.

wikipedia, The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1951, 2nd edn., 1997), p. 128.

We asked Rep. Dave Reichert and Democratic challenger Suzan DelBene whether they supported the move to make BP set up an escrow account, whether they approve of the six-month moratorium on offshore drilling, whether they want to see a permanent ban on offshore drilling on the West Coast and if they think the liability cap for oil producers should be raised.

Reichert, answering by e-mail through campaign spokesman Jeff Harvey, did not have a response to any of the questions.

"His feelings are we are still in the middle of the crisis, and have yet to determine or fully understand how this disaster occurred, how to stop it, how to fix the damage it has already caused, or how to prevent another disaster from happening in the future," Harvey wrote.

"Given that, before he answers a series of yes or no questions, he has some questions of his own that need to be answered."

Politics Northwest | Reichert has questions, not answers, on Gulf oil spill | Seattle Times Newspaper

While oil gushes out if a broken pipe for 60 days Dave "the CHICKEN" Reichert doesn't know if we should stop repeating the steps for 6 months that resulted in the worst unnatural disaster America has ever seen.

He has "questions" but, go ahead and keep on going!