Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is worse, his apology or Two wrongs trying to make it Right: GOP lawmaker apologizes for apologizing to BP exec | Seattle Times Newspaper

I think Republican Congressman Barton was being honest when he apologized to British Petrolium CEO Tony Barton.
I think he was wrong to apologize (the first time).

I think his retraction is a face-saving lie.
I think he is a liar.

"I apologize," Barton said to BP CEO Tony Hayward, who was sitting at a witness table for another of Congress' ritual floggings of wayward corporate heads.

"I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political pressure that is - again, in my words, amounts to a shakedown," Barton said. "So I apologize."

Nation & World | GOP lawmaker apologizes for apologizing to BP exec
| Seattle Times Newspaper

If you do not hold foriegn owned multi-national corporations in higher regard than the American people then you don't make that kind of mistake.

I feel like I have to spell this out since there is at least one person that does not agree with me, and is now telling a lie to cover up his true feelings.


Peter said...

About my last post, true, tacoma was turned down twice and was given 5 million over two years from the legislature. This year they were requesting 2.5 mil for safety improvments at cheney stadium when they got turned down. The point i was trying to make is the city of tacoma had been working on the 30 mil redo that was eventually approved by the city and county since 2006, without much reports of anything in the media. I don`t recall tacoma getting turned down for the entire 30 mil. I just was trying to say that maybe king county has been working on the potential arena for a while, and when brock said that they were "deep in the process", maybe that`s i said before, I just don`t see nicastro having an effort like that without interested ownership groups. Maybe they wanted to plan everything else first and then get funding. Thats what it seems like.

Mr Baker said...

Yes, that's true, you want to present a complete plan. Otherwise opposition will attack a plan's weakness as beingreflective of the entire effort.
That is why I was surprised that she spoke out like that. In a way I think it helped, right away somebody got to her to move the conversation away from Key Arena and Seattle to King County and the NHL.

Peter said...

Can someone on the radio like brock huard just say something like what he said, or does the radio station have to check it first to make sure he really does have a source? I`ve said it before, but it makes absolutely no sense whatever for someone like nicastro to sponsor an initiative like hers without intersted ownership group to actually fund an arena and buy teams. Would you say that the feedback from the county on the initiative was good? It was really good that dow`s spokesman and the county councilman they quoted seemed pretty upbeat and positive. If anything, the councilman cautioned against moving too fast.

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