Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fuck Dino Rossi, and his shallow, brainless, talking points

This banner ad shows up on my page I figure I have the right to use it in commentary.

Dino Rossi is a fucking scumbag. He is a real estate speculating lawyer/banker. He believes and profits in the destruction of America. He is what is wrong about America's recent past that should not be repeated.

He may be in league with Satan.


Peter said...

If the county does get the tourism taxes, what is the likelihood it would have to go to a public vote for spending the money on an arena? I agree that if it does, we have no chance. Xteve makes a good point on SC that there is a huge movement in seattle to block these kinds of things, and spend it on something that has nothing to do with tourism.he also thinks an political solution is unlikely on an arena. But a private arena is unlikely too, isnt it? I really hope the county can do an arena with a simple county council vote. Is all its gonna take is someone like cvd to whine and make a fuss, and next thing you know it could be headed for a public vote.what could the county do to stop cvd from blocking an arena?

Peter said...

Is brian telling us to give up? When i read his post on SC, i got that feeling. The feeling that he was telling us gently that we may never get a new team. I just can`t follow the league unless we have hope for a team. Real hope. Substintive developments regarding an arena. I can wait 6 or 8 more years. I cant wait until i`m 50. (i`m 24.) if we`re never getting a new team, i just can`t bring myself to following the NBA. Ever.