Friday, October 8, 2010

Join 4Culture for the first annual Dow Drive!

Let's help the 4Culture folks lobby King County Executive Dow Constantine.

This is part of their 4Culture in Olympia in 2011
Join us for the first annual Dow Drive!
The Dow Drive is when we ask the arts and heritage advocates like you to write to King County’s Executive, Dow Constantine, to tell him why important arts and heritage are to you and urge him to support 4Culture in Olympia in 2011. Please write before Thanksgiving (November 25) and we will be so thankful!

Why are we asking you to do this now?
Dow is working furiously right now to finalize King County’s budget and legislative priorities for 2011. We want to make sure funding for arts and heritage through 4Culture is near the top of the list.

Why will he care what you have to say?
We pay taxes, we vote, and we matter! We are a powerful sector of the workforce in King County, we drive cultural tourism, we educate, and we make people proud to live and work in this region.

Here is how you can help:
Write a personal note to Executive Dow Constantine. Let him know that you are an ______ [e.g. artist, heritage specialist, arts/heritage administrator, preservationist, fan of culture (Sports Fan)] and that you are also a ________ [e.g. mother, educator, truck driver, business owner] and a proud citizen of King County. Urge him prioritize securing 4Culture’s funding future in the 2011 legislative session in Olympia.

Send your note or email to:
The Honorable Dow Constantine
King County Chinook Building
401 5th Ave. Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104


Thank you for being part of the first annual Dow Drive!

I threw "Sports Fan" in the form letter they put together. I know more Sports Fans than sculptors.


Peter said...

Sorry about those few posts on SC. I guess sofa king`s negativity is getting to me. Who was the one to say the best way to get an arena is to bring the tourism taxes home? Would they be split 50/50 with safeco and an arena? What would be the minumium language needed to get an arena going? If we got the taxes, wouldn`t the county have to go to the state again to get the right to form an PFD for the new arena? Or could the county just form a PFD for safeco and qwest and add the arena to that one? If no one in the private side steps up, couldnt we just try to get an existing team to move here? I`m sure the maloofs would jump at the chance if the county gets the taxes.

Mr Baker said...

Safeco just want their parking taxes to keep going and deposited into their existing PFD account for the purposes of major capital repairs and upgrades when the stadium is 20 years old.
All of the bills that I have read have common language the prevents the county from spending it on things normally paid for with general fund revenue, like schools.
I think any bill that included language to allow investing in sports facilities infrastructure (and not operations) so Safeco can take care of itself would be broad enough.
I think HB 2912 was a pretty good bill, not great, but the non-tourism things it paid for, other than affordable housing, really do need a little help. You don't get a bill past Frank Chopp without him wanting to funnel money to the Building Industry of Washington. As long as he can address a King County need he will be able to do t that, even though building apartments is one of the few building industry sectors that is reasonably active right now.

If the tax authority is passed to the county I would expect things to move pretty quickly. I do not expect the Maloofs to relocate there team here. I think the answer from Wally Walker was that somebody else has an interest in this market. Maybe they sell.

Like I have said, if the worst thing that happens is that King County gets the taxing authority and a team and project doesn't happen, then that is the way it is. At least the county is better off, at least groups like 4Culture that generate a lot of money for King County can keep going.

Peter said...

So as long as the bill allows funding to go to safeco, we should be able to get an arena going? Back in feburary, i read a article in the times where matt griffin, the spokesman for the ballmer group, said they were still interested. I think he would be easier to get a response from him in regards to if the group is still interested. How would i contact griffin?

bmac said...

who do you suspect the team that wants this market is?

Mr Baker said...

February would be during last legislative session. I expect that would be the timing again this session.

To his credit Dow Constantine was uncomfortable with putting some other community in the same situation as the Sonics fans. I think we assured him felt the same way but would not freak out about it. It would really kind of suck to have us ask him to support getting another team here and then turn on him because a team was relocated. That is not going to happen. Whatever help he can provide is all good as far as we are concerned.
We understand that it is quite likely that we would end up with a team relocation situation. The fact is that this is the environment the NBA operates in, and it most likely would involve a team that doesn't have 41 years of history.

I threw out the Grizz, my guess from the word go, still is my guess. No inside info there, other than the obvious that they are for sale and could relocate either in or after 2013. I am speculating. Much of the posturing teams are doing right now is in support of selling tickets, by all star break they are going to want to put the pressure on the union during the commissioner's all star address. The teams that coiled be sold, are bleeding money, and could relocate will become painfully obvious. They have nothing to lose come next February, not if they anticipate not starting the season ticket sales for 2011-12 season because there will be a strike, or they get what they want from the union.

Wait and see, February should be an entertaining month all the way around for Sonucs fans as well as people interesting in getting something to happen.

My own timeline of events is (off the top of my head): the state legislative elections the first week of November, that will tell us who we will have to work with in the legislative session.
Some takes may get repealed, Prop 1 to to raise the King County sales take a tiny bit is a big deal.
The end of November the city and county budgets become final, it will be ugly.
Priorities for what the county will be trying to get done with the state will become clearer (4Culture is correct, that stuff is getting organized right now). The elected state folks will be working on their legislative priorities with the local leaders.
Not much will happen in December, somebody might pre-write a bill to have ready to go, like every year.
January the legislature will run in place until about the 3rd week when more more economic data is available.
February we should get an idea if there is a bill, what it will look like. Hopefully we can get all of the support early to push the bills.
The NBA all-star commissioner's address should be pure hardball tactics (that is the 3rd week in February).
March I think week get a bill kicking around the state senate, April should be make or break for anything for the county.
May we will see teams cleaning out lockers for a very long summer.
If we have a bill passed it would not likely become law until the July, the end if the state fiscal budget cycle. We would see a lot of activity at the point.
About once a month we should have something other than basketball happening that impacts the situation, some are big impacts, some no-so-much.

Mr Baker said...

Or the Hornets.

Peter said...

So we dont have to specifically mention an arena in whatever bill comes forward? As long as is says "sports facilites" for safeco we should be good? Won`t qwest and showare need some of the money? What about forming an PFD for the resulting arena? Wouldn`t we have to get authority from the state or pass a public vote to do that?

Mr Baker said...

To avoid inadvertently denying a facility because it may have kids playing jr hockey, or women playing basketball and getting paid to do it I would anticipate a repeat of the more generalized term "regional center".
That is how Key Arena and Seattle Center is often described, I would expect a new arena to be described the same way. This has more to do with the Puget Sound Regional Council that develops population growth patterns, and determines what is a metropolitan center, and what isn't.

Mr Baker said...

"KeyArena at Seattle Center is a key regional center for entertainment and large scale events."

Mr Baker said...

The only time you see very specific language is when there is a specific tax intended for a particular thing, like Safeco.

Peter said...

so if it says "regional centers", it could include an new arena as well as keyarena? didnt one of the bills last year say that and not include an arena? what would the bill have to say? any idea on potential sponsors? if this does get to the county, will the stadium/arena process be at the county level for the forseeable future? no more going back to the state?

Mr Baker said...

First elections, then bill sponsors, and once the those taxes pass control from the state to the county then it is all up to the county.

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