Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get ready to make some noise!

Begin forwarded message:

Hey 4Culture Lovers,

It's getting close.  In a few days a bill will drop, part of King County's legislative agenda, that will save 4Culture.  We are glad King County has included us in their priorities and want to help them get this bill passed.  There are three things you can do right now:

1.  Email/facebook/twitter your friends asking them to join the Advocate4Culture Coalition.  Here's the page to join: http://www.advocate4culture.org/p/join-us.html

2.  If you run an organization, consider including a notice about 4Culture in your next communication to your constituents.  It can be this simple: 


"Interested in helping arts and heritage in King County?  Visit the Advocate4Culture website at www.advocate4culture.org to learn more and click on the Join Us! tab to become a member of the group that's working to save 4Culture, the largest single source of arts and heritage funding in King County."

3.  Get ready to make some noise. Once a bill drops, we'll need you to make noise to your legislators and to those on the committees who will consider the bill. King County is thankfully leading the way this year, but extra noise never hurts. You'll receive action alerts that will direct you to the Advocate4Culture website.

For now, please reach out to your networks to continue to raise awareness. And be ready for the real action when we get a bill.

Thank you for your passion and energy. With your help we will renew 4Culture and ensure the future of the most important source of arts and heritage funding in our region.

All the best,

Josef Krebs

Advocate4Culture Coalition Member